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Asparagus and Crab Egg Crêpes

We happened to have crabmeat and asparagus in the house some time ago. These ingredients reminded me of Vietnamese Crab and Asparagus Soup (Sup Mang Tay Cua).

I took that as my inspiration to create this easy dish for Delicious Vietnam. (See info on this blogging event at the end of the post.)

What we had was actually the pasteurized crabmeat we used before for Crab Tostadas and our Supreme Lion's Head Meatballs with Crabmeat.

Vietnamese Crab and Asparagus Soup (Sup Mang Tay Cua) is an egg-drop soup: swirls of egg float about in the broth. For my egg component, I decided to make thin "crêpes" or omelettes.

But first, I cooked the asparagus by shallow-boiling/steaming them.

I peeled the tougher skin near the bottom of each asparagus stalk, then placed the asparagus in a pan of shallow water that I've let boil. I cooked them until they were crisp-tender.

Next up, the "crêpes".

I beat some eggs and seasoned with fish sauce. Then, I poured a little bit into the pan, just enough to form a thin coating.

I sprinkled a little bit of crab meat onto the crêpe, as well as some black pepper. The egg cooks through in no time. Then, the whole thing was rolled up with the asparagus inside.

My food-styling skills are zero to nil. Look at that plate!

That was it. Easy! I cut each roll into slices before serving.

Of course, one can even dispense with the rolling-up business to make this dish even easier. Just fold the egg over with the asparagus inside.

There's something about egg fried in oil that's, well, delicious. The crab gives it a touch of sweetness, the fish sauce and black pepper a savory kick, and the asparagus a nice verdant flavor.

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Asparagus and Crab Egg Crêpes

fish sauce
black pepper

Quantities are up to you.

Prep the asparagus: cut off the tough ends and peel off tough outer layer. Cook asparagus until crisp-tender. An easy way is by adding a shallow amount of water into a wide pan, then letting the water come to a boil. Place the asparagus into the pan until cooked to desired doneness. Set asparagus aside.

Beat a few eggs in a bowl and season with fish sauce and black pepper.

In a wide pan, heat oil over medium heat. Pour in a small amount of beaten eggs, just enough to make a thin layer coating the surface of the pan. Dot the egg "crêpe" with crabmeat. When cooked, slide onto a plate.

Repeat until beaten eggs are used up.

Assemble by placing a small bundle of cooked asparagus near the edge of an egg "crêpe". Then, roll the crêpe around the asparagus bundle. Serve whole or slice into pieces.

To make the soup, visit Wandering Chopsticks for her recipe:
Sup Mang Tay Cua

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Asparagus and Crab Egg Crêpes

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  1. Looks really pretty, I can see serving it as a appetizer of first course at a party

  2. Really nice! Attractive and I imagine tasty though I think I would put fewer asparagus in each roll. I've used that brand of crab meat before and it's very good.

  3. this is a great savoury crepe! also healthy!

  4. Hey! When I scrolled through the pics first before reading the post, I thought, that's a great way to re-interpret Vietnamese crab and asparagus soup and what do you know! You two are always so clever with these twists on recipes.

  5. kat:

    Definitely need fewer asparagus in each roll if they are to keep themselves together. =)

    eat me deliciousL
    Thanks! =)

    Wandering Chopsticks:
    I guess great minds think alike! =D


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