Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Well, as it is very apparent, our blog is currently on a hiatus. (No kidding!) We really do hope to start up again, but do not have an idea as to when this would be. We certainly miss it!

We miss catching up with everybody's blogs, seeing what you all have been up to, food-wise and life-wise. We certainly miss being among people to whom food obsession is not only common, but encouraged. Who knew that this was not the norm in "the real world"?! ;)

We are still cooking, but not as often as we would like. (We do make time for our special events/parties, though.) I have even been taking some photos here and there. Actually, I still have photos from a year or so ago that have yet to be processed and used in the blog!

To new readers, we hope you browse the blog and find the dishes useful or the posts entertaining. There is quite a bit here!

To the remaining handful of readers left, 'til we post again...


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