Friday, May 30, 2008

Oyster Torta (Oyster Omelette)

Simple Filipino Meal, Dish #2

While the Chicken Tinola was cooking, we had to think of another dish for our meal.

Since we had this whole jar of oysters (from our Oyster Po' boy), we had to use it up! And what could be simpler than eggs?

Our "normal" tortas -- what we think of when someone says "torta" -- have ground pork, green onions, soy sauce and sesame oil.

These "oyster torta" are actually like those (Chinese) oyster omelettes they serve with congee. I guess this dish is "multicultural." {wink}

Here are those oysters again.

I chopped them into not-too-small pieces with our recently-purchased chef's knife from Superstore. A President's Choice knife. Not bad at all.

I also chopped up some green onions.

Then it was just a matter of beating some eggs and adding the oysters and green onions. Seasoning too, of course.

Onto the fry pan!

We've realized that we don't like the smell of canola oil when it's frying. Stinks up the house. So, JS tried buying this rice bran oil. It smells better, I think.

It's torta batch-cookery from here on.

We don't usually have gadget-y gadgets like this, but this mold was bought by my brother, who, for some reason, kept fantasizing about perfectly round fried eggs, like on those Egg McMuffins.

It was too much trouble for me. I just used it for our "presentation" tortas. =D

See, aren't they pretty?

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