Friday, July 23, 2010

Philippine-style Chicken Salad Sandwich

Simple Philippine-style chicken salad today.

This was a merienda fixture in our school bags growing up.

Merienda is the meal between the big three meals (breakfast, merienda, lunch, merienda, and dinner). Sometimes we'd have merienda after dinner too, before going to sleep.

Good times.

Steam or boil chicken breast.
Allow to cool, then shred.
Add mayonnaise.
Add sweet pickle relish.
Mix it all up.
Season to taste.

It should be creamy and slightly sweet.

Serve chicken salad on pan de sal or toast.

Make the chicken salad as creamy (mayo-y) and sweet (relish-y) as you want!

For "authenticity", we served ours in a pan de sal bun.

For "authenticity", our sandwich was squished into all sorts of weird shapes, reminiscent of their usual state as we pulled them out of our school bags during recess.

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  1. LOL, love the authenticity touches!

  2. I am surrounded with Filipino folks and really appreciate knowing more about the food and culture and customs.

  3. That is the chicken salad grew up with too!

  4. Ravenous Couple:
    Teehee. Although, I must admit, the pan de sal was already all smooshed up. We had to "make it work". ;D

    Oh, with the pickle relish? Cool! =)


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