Friday, March 28, 2008

Curried (Easter) Egg Salad

Out of the blue, our little bosses decided that they wanted to dye some eggs. Taking the easy way out, we did this with hardboiled eggs.

(I don't want to poke a hole at one end of an egg, blow out the contents, then wash and dry the shell! Insanity!)

We made 5 eggs, and the bosses ate one each. I was left with 3 eggs, so I decided to make egg salad.

The eggs were pretty, teehee. (They're so pore-y, though. Look!)

The worst-peeled eggs EVER.
E. V. E. R.

They're so ugly that they've crossed the line to pretty.

Into the chopped eggs went some Madras curry powder, celery, cilantro, (s&p, of course) and mayo.

(I added a touch too much mayo, so it looks a little gloopy. I couldn't really subtract it. In any case, I like mayo, so all was well.)

I had mine in an Olafsen flaxseed "breakfast pita". The egg salad really went nicely with this, a favorite "bread" of mine. It's not really very pita-y in look and taste, as it's more pillowy, and it has the slightest hint of sweetness. (Available at Costco.) I ate the lot with some sliced apples.

JS decided on a more traditional route, having it on multigrain toast with some lettuce and tomatoes.

Either way, it was delicious, gloopyness notwithstanding.

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