Monday, October 24, 2005

Wing Nuts (October 24, 2005)

This is a funny story, actually.

I was at the store and I saw a Yahoo Messenger message from JS (in LA) which was basically a link to the Wing Nuts site.

Anyway, perhaps about 1230pm or 1pm I headed home. I was actually thinking of getting Wing Nuts because you can't really get wings just anyplace. Some pizza places have it, but usually just 1 kind, etc etc etc.

So, I headed home first. Then I found out that CSC was already out. So we (brother & I) thought that I should just have CSC pick up the Wing Nuts wings, since she was already out. After MANY tries on her cell phone, we finally got hold of CSC.

So it was all arranged. I got the 48 wings which allowed me 4 flavor choices. But I know it was going to take a while because CSC was in downtown and she had to give her friend a ride homw first. So we were just waiting.

Then maybe 30 minutes before CSC arrived, my father came home. As he entered he said, "I bought something really good! You'll see!"

He dropped off the paper bags of stuff on the kitchen nook table. I opened it and WING NUTS-stickered box was staring back at me!!!!

"YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING!!!!" was the reaction.

Anyway, my father got the 24 wings, I believe. So we had SEVENTY-TWO (72) wings total.

Original Hot
Sticky Fingers BBQ
Honey Garlic
Jamaican Jerk
Spicy Thai Peanut

(My father said he had the guy pick the flavors for him. He had Sticky Finger BBQ and Honey Garlic Wings. I chose Original Hot, Sticky Fingers BBQ, Jamaican Jerk, and Spicy Thai Peanut.)

Anyway, they're chicken wings, what do you expect!

Original Hot was like every other hot wings around.
So, not bad.

Sticky Finger BBQ:
It was OK. But it just tasted SWEET. I should've gotten the "Smokehouse BBQ" flavor instead.

Honey Garlic:
Not bad. But again, sweet. This, of course, was expected, though.

Jamaican Jerk:
Very disappointing. I don't think this should be called jerk at all. There was some heat, but again, the SWEETNESS!!! Why!?

Spicy Peanut Thai:
Of all the wings, this had the driest sauce. (Next would be Original Hot.) Bot bad. Can taste the peanut, definitely. And ginger. Not sure if I would choose it again, though.

I also ordered Jalapeno Poppers and the Snapper Sandwich. Poppers were good. Just like at any other place. The sandwich was, AGAIN, SOOO SWEET! Oh, it was a "Jerk Snapper" Sandwich. But, the sauce on the sandwich seemed to be different from the sauce on the Jamaican Jerk wings. Go figure. The snapper sauce was even sweeter than the sauce in the wings. Man, why the sweetness!?!!

So yeah, if ever i have another wings craving like that day, I know where to go. I would choose different flavors though. Original Hot and other ones. (See website for all available flavors.)

c'est tout.

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