Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Torta with Pork and Kecap Manis

This is another example of another great way to use CSC's potsticker filling. With its porky, green onion-y and sesame-y goodness, it's easy to whip up a Chinese or Asian-eque dish!

In this instance, it helped me make a quickie version of torta, an "omelette" with ground pork, soy sauce, sesame oil and green onions.

I cracked and beat some eggs and added some of the potsticker filling. The mixture should be more eggy than meaty. Usually, we make them in small rounds like pancakes. They're even cooked like pancakes: pour batter, wait for the bottom to set up and flip. This time, I tried making one big torta. "Try" is the keyword. It broke when I tried to flip it. Oh well.

Traditionally, we eat our torta with ketchup, that being America's legacy in the Philippines. (SPAM being another. Teehee.)

This time, I drizzled some kecap manis (sweet soy sauce) on top. Does that make this an Indonesian torta now? =)

Pork filling recipe can be found here:
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  1. WAIT - am I really first?


    Now this is some good eating!


  2. Interesting use for the left over filling, I bet it was tasty

  3. yum! Along with some rice, this sounds like a great one dish meal for a quick lunch or dinner.

  4. My family all love to eat torta for breakfast, with lots of garlic fried rice.
    Hey, how about a Spam torta, that's my son's fave?

  5. Ooh, that spam torta does sound nice :) I have mine with ketchup... My brother has his with ketchup and grated cheese! I really have to check his blood pressure one of these days.
    We don't add green onions to ours, only diced onions. I guess there's a thousand ways to go about it :)

  6. A new dish for me but it looks awesome.

  7. It looks and sounds so good - I've never had this dish before.

  8. Mmm Spam and ketchup. Does kecap manis have a Filipino equivalent?

  9. Darius T. Williams:
    It's homey at its best. =)

    Teehee. Yes, of course with rice. =)

    Yeah. I guess that maybe "torta" comes from the Spanish dish "tortilla."

    We'ce always cooked Spam with eggs, but not in a "torta" form. Maybe that will change it up a bit for us! (Mmm, sinangag!)

    Oh, cheese with the torta! Very intriguing.


    Oh, I don't know. Toyo with sugar? ;)


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