Sunday, March 23, 2008

Tortilla de Patatas (Spanish "Omelette")

How to turn this:

to this:

Being the resourceful cooks that we are, we used leftover potatoes from our meat and potatoes meal to conjure up a Spanish tortilla.

To make it authentic (is there any other way to make things), I consulted this tome.

But of course, I made some very, very minor changes. ;)

First of all, I was using already cooked potatoes. Then, as per Culinaria Spain, I just sliced my potatoes thinly.

The recipe called for a lot of oil. We also saw someone in the Spanish episode of that Food Safari show (mentioned here) make a tortilla, and she also dumped a huge amount of oil into her pan. This here is only about 1/4 cup of oil.

I couldn't resist. I sneaked in a few cloves of garlic in there.

I used 8 eggs. I was supposed to beat them until they were frothy. So I beat and whipped...

...and whipped and beat.

(Although, I don't know if one is really supposed to beat the eggs until that frothy.)

The potatoes go into the eggs and I was supposed to let it stand for a bit. I don't know what letting it stand was supposed to do, but I followed Culinaria.

Showtime. I heated the pan once again (it still had the residual oil from the potatoes) and poured in the mixture. I waited for the mixture to set, then...

Great difficulties arose.

I was supposed to move the tortilla onto a plate first, then flip it over back to the pan to cook the other side. However, I realized that we didn't have anything -- absolutely NOTHING -- that was larger than the pan. I finally used a "large" oval plate that still had two sides that were narrower than the pan. It was a 2-man process as I had to make sure nothing disastrous happened to the tortilla (like, say, it falling into a messy pool on the floor). But, finally, after much manoeuvering, all was well. Here's the 2nd side cooking:

It didn't take long. The only thing able to accommodate the finished product was this large deep serving dish. (I love taking pictures of my hand/fingers for scale, can't you tell?)

Culinaria says that you can serve it hot or cold.

I was surprised at how well this turned out. Personally, I had my doubts about this -- because, well, potatoes and eggs? I knew about the Spanish tortilla, but I can't imagine myself sitting down to potatoes in eggs.

There is something to be said for tradition so I am glad to be proven wrong in this case. I absolutely love how humble ingredients such as potatoes and eggs can be transformed into something quite goodly nourishing.

Yes, I was really surprised that this didn't just taste like some potatoes in egg. The two ingredients became one entity; you didn't know when the potatoes ended and the egg began.

Simple. Good. Food.

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  1. This looks like a great meal and such a resourceful way to use up leftovers! :)

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