Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Piedmont Marinated Eggs

What's that lurking in there?

We don't have many shows to watch on the Food Network (Food Network Canada), but one show we do like is Laura Calder's French Food at Home. She makes everything look so easy, she does almost everything by hand (and you know how the French like to whisk and whip!), and she always manages to make about 5 or 6 dishes in a 30-minute show! She's also a little bit kooky; we like that. =)

In her picnic episode, for example, she made a cherry tart, green beans with toasted almonds, lobster and grapefruit salad, picnic "tabbouleh", whole mushroom salad and Piedmont eggs.

We knew we wanted to make those Piedmont eggs as soon as we saw it. By coincidence, we discovered that October 10 is World Egg Day. What better way to celebrate the egg.

It is so simple. We simply chopped parsley, garlic and anchovies. We combined that with olive oil and a touch of tomato paste then plopped in some peeled hardboiled eggs.

The hard part was waiting a for the eggs to marinate. We made it one day before eating.

The reward

Of course, once can just grab an egg and a little bit of the marinade and eat it as is. But of course, nothing mops up that lovely savory oil better than crusty bread. (This one is a JS-made European Peasant Loaf.)

Look at all those delicious garlicky, anchovy-y bits!

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Piedmont Eggs
from Laura Calder's French Food at Home

6 x hardboiled eggs, peeled
1 cup finely chopped parsley
1 heads garlic, peeled and minced
4 tbsp tomato paste
6 x anchovies
2 cups extra virgin olive oil

Put the hardboiled eggs in a bowl. Beat together the remaining ingredients and pour over. Cover and refrigerate overnight. Put an egg on each plate, spoon over some oil, eat with crusty bread.

Laura Calder website
French Food at Home section on
Season 1 episodes and recipes
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We're submitting this to Let's Celebrate World Egg Day, hosted by Abby of Eat the Right Stuff. Head on over to her blog for information on submitting an entry. The roundup will be posted on October 10, World Egg Day.


  1. Does the egg get "seasoned" inside? I've never seen this method of preparation before. The closest will be those Tea-Leaf Eggs but it's no where near since those are soaked in the marinating broth with shells on :)

  2. This sounds good! When growing up, my Ma would cook gravy (spaghetti sauce) all day on the stove sometimes she would throw in a peeled hard boiled egg. We would fight over them. And you HAD to have the bread to mop anything up!

  3. Never heard of these but love the pics. And the say I see it, blow the eggs - give me that wonderful marinade!!

  4. I've never heard of this but reading about it makes total sense, I bet the flavors are great

  5. You're amazing - you can take things that I would normally say "ick" to and make them look appetizing and exciting. I wouldn't have thought of ever making this, but now I'll know what to do with the excess eggs sitting in my refrigerator!

  6. Outside of deviled eggs, I've never been much of a fan of hard boiled, but this is really something. Very tempting. Thanks!

  7. AAaaaaaHhh I love your pictures! The first one is awesome! Love it! and yes, I want to grab one of the eggs, take that wonderful bread (we call it pa de pagés here) and eat it!!!!! Such an easy recipe :D

  8. Okay, I'll admit I was skeptical at first, but you've sold me. This looks really tasty and spreading it on the crunchy bread really does it for me.
    Nice photos too!

  9. These eggs are making me drool, despite my initial skepticism. I'm now looking around for a bit of crusty bread to soak up all that virtual sauce!

  10. these look so good.. will have to try sometime.. question, does it really need 1 head of garlic??? wow!

  11. wow! you go to the lenght to prepare those eggs and end product look so superb!!.thanks for the info about round up! I better crack up some egg tomorrow!lol!

  12. tigerfish:
    I don't think it really penetrates the inside of the egg. At least, not from just one day. You have to eat the egg with the marinade/sauce to get more flavor. I think it's just to make the hardboiled eggs for "portable" for a picnic. =)

    Robin Sue:
    We also make adobo and then throw in some hardboiled eggs into it. =)

    Haha. True, because I had such a hard time peeling the eggs. ;D The marinade can be used on lots of things!

    It really hits the spot when you want something with a savory punch to eat.

    Fearless Kitchen:
    I don't particularly like hard-boiled yolks either (I like soft-boiled), but when there's something done to the hardboiled yolks -- like the marinade -- they're all right. =)

    Teehee... I fugyred the egg would be more alluring when it's partially hidden like that. ;)

    Erinn @ Sunday Dish:
    Haha... you can skip the eggs and just eat the marinade with bread. =D

    I think it's one of those things where you adjust the ingredient to what you like. We're a garlicky bunch, so it was OK for us.


  13. that marinade sounds amazing! thanks for helping me celebrate world egg.

  14. abby:
    The egg is so perfect. Having a blog event to celebrate it is a great idea. =)

  15. I'm a Laura Calder fan too! Her food is simple, not hard to accomplish and delicious.

    These eggs look fabulous and chalk one to you guys for showcasing "different" foods.

  16. Ooh that's a lot of olive oil.... Perfect for crusty breads!

  17. These look amazing :)

  18. i am having a food orgasm right now. L-O-V-E this. whoa. so delicious. this chick isn't like the rachael ray of the food network canada, right? i hope not! this dish is up my alley. and with the amount of egg we've used in our posts recently, national egg day, or whatever it is called, is perfect!

  19. I was worried that these would sound too similar to pickled eggs but the lack of vinegar makes them really appealing. I think almost anything soaked in olive oil, garlic and anchovies sounds delcious. I've got to try these!

  20. Peter M:
    Her theme song this 2nd season is really catchy. =)

    Yes! The olive oil is very wonderfully flavored! Perfect for *all* your crusty breads. ;)

    We Are Never Full:
    Haha, nope, she is not very rachael ray-ish at all.

    The egg doesn't really absorb the flavors much; the flavored olive oil acts more like a dressing/vinaigrette.

  21. Oh wow, this sounds wonderful. I'm fantasizing about cutting the marinated egg in half and dipping it in the marinade.

  22. Thank you for posting about these. I'm stoked to try them out and be able to use up the last of my gardens parsley in one fell swoop.

  23. Caviar and Codfish:
    Teehee. Oh, wonderful food fantasies!

    Tell us who it goes! =)

  24. hey guys.. just wanna spread out this info.. remember the malaysian cuisine restaurant at fraser st named chilli padi? they have been closed for bout a month and recently just reopen.. i tried the food and you know what? it was great! i heard that they have brought in a new chef and he has added some extra items on the menu as well.. for those who loves malaysian food and miss that authentic taste, go check them out..

  25. thriviazy:
    Thanks for the heads up! Hope all is going well with your re-opened restaurant.

  26. hahaha... thanks _ts of [eatingclub}vancouver for the kind words... just for everyone's info,chilli padi's not my restaurant(wish it is..heheh). i just know the person who owns it. was helping in some stuffs previously... hopefully his business will run as smoothly as possible..

  27. I, too, couldnt wait to try these after seeing the episodes, so I improvised and marinated eggs in sundried tomato tapanade, oil, anchovies, garlic. How did I live my whole life without these delicious nuggets of joy?

    1. As long the anchovies & garlic are there, I am sold. I can't believe it's been 4 years since we made this! It's definitely time for these eggs again.


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