Sunday, July 18, 2010

Actual Hot Weather and Camera Death

dents and deformities

Well, the weather gods have punished me for complaining about the @^%$#!!@!$$# hot weather here in Vancouver.

I complained about 25-30 C (75-85 F) weather, so they subjected me to 30-35 C (86-95 F) heat!

That's right, JS and I were out gallavanting about in Los Angeles. Apparently, locals have told us that it had been hotter than usual the past week. Just my luck.

Another unfortunate incident: my camera finally died. It was pretty banged up already -- those dents and deformities pictured above existed long before death, but perhaps the heat was also too much for it to bear and it decided to end its misery.

Ah well, camera death is not something a little quickie trip to Costco can't fix.

I bought another point-and-shoot, the Panasonic Lumix FH20, for those who are curious. In an all's-well-that-ends-well turn of events, I think the camera was cheaper to buy in the US than in Canada. So there.

And that's what JS and I have been up to. Back to semi-regular posting soon.


  1. What I would do for some hot weather round about now! Sorry to hear about your camera though! :( But good that you got a new one shortly after!

  2. you made me laugh here; sorry, it is unfortunate to lose a camera, but then you gained a new one!

  3. I thought you were going to say "time to by an SLR"... ;)

    But, hey, as long as it works, that's what matters!

  4. Lorraine:
    Hot weather and me just do not agree. (It rhymes!)


    Too lazy to get an SLR... I don't even know how to work the functions of the point-and-shoot!


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