Friday, April 18, 2008

Squid with Black Pepper (Vietnamese)

Inspired by this recipe on Mark Bittman's blog, JS bought some squid. This was very fast and very easy and very tasty. And look, it's kind of pretty too!

Wow, it looks like an actual dish you would get in a restaurant! ;)

First, I sliced the squid into rings or whatnot. The squid we had were very small, so I just sliced the body in half. Tentacles stayed whole. Also prepped some garlic, chile peppers and cilantro.

So easy and fast. Wait, did I mention that already?

Here's how it went down:

Hot pan.
Garlic & Peppers.
Fish Sauce.
Black Pepper.


Here's that money shot again:

Yes, this is a definite keeper. Another one of those greater-than-the-sum-of-its-parts dishes.

Unfortunately, there was less than a pound of squid (0.778 lbs, to be exact), so the yield was very small. However, it was so hot that it stretched a little bit (not by a whole lot, though). JS pulled out those 3 peppers and I had to use them!

Oh, of course we ate it with plain white rice. Of course.

But then, JS also took it upon herself to eat it with some romaine. I guess the cool, crunchy romaine countered the heat.

Well, the dish stretched out is right! That's one way to stretch a food budget, making the protein really spicy, so one is forced to eat more rice and vegetables. Although the price of rice is also on the rise.

The squid was delicious, very umami, and the two different kinds of heat, from the black pepper and the chili peppers, just added another welcome dimension to it. I find it quite surprising that was such a simple dish, with 6 ingredients, would be such a hit.

Squid waves bye-bye!

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