Sunday, May 10, 2009

Avocado and Condensed Milk, Three Ways

When I say "avocado with condensed milk", I really mean avocado and condensed milk, period! That above is simply a plate of sliced avocados drizzled with condensed milk.

Growing up in the Philippines, I have always had avocados in something sweet. Whether it was mashing avocados with condensed milk and eating it as is, or freezing that sweet mixture into "ice candy", having avocado ice cream, or having avocado shake.

Avocado Shake

An avocado shake is probably my preferred method of having avocados. It's easier than making avocado ice cream or avocado "ice candy," and it's instantly gratifying!

I simply add avocados into a blender, add condensed milk, ice (to make the shake cold), and enough milk to make the blender's job easier. It's a thick concoction; almost thick enough to be able to hold over one's head. Almost.

A spoon is needed. A straw isn't cut out for the job.

Avocado "Ice Candy" or Avocado Popsicle
The ice candy we used to eat in the Philippines was this sweetened, creamy avacado mixture filled into very thin tube-shaped, no-doubt-non-foodsafe (hehe) plastic bags that were tied at one end to close. We would bite off the plastic and start enjoying!

I suppose that one can make them into popsicles instead to bypass having to get those ice candy bags. Fill popsicle molds with the shake mixture, or fill any other containers and simply stick a stick into them.

So, even though avocados are fine and dandy in savory dishes, whenever I see them, I always think to myself that they would be even more fabulous with a little condensed milk.

Avocado, sweet
Mango Crêpes with Creamy Avocado Filling and Lime-Caramelized Mangoes

Avocado, savory
Shrimp a la Mexicana
White Chili, Green Chili
Quickie Turkey Tortilla Soup
Tacos... now
Grilled Chicken Salad Sandwich with Avocado

Ice Candy link

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Avocado Shake


  1. I remember having sliced avocados with nothing but sugar and milk. So good.

  2. I adore avocado shakes, but haven't had one for a really long time. Thanks so much for the recipe!

  3. Never would I have thought of this combo. Can't wait for avocado season to give it a try.

  4. Oh, absolutely. What is this "guacamole" that Westerners speak of? ;)
    I guess you couldn't find those narrow plastic bags, eh?

  5. I've seen a lot of avocado ice cream dishes recently too. Its still funny for me to think of it in a sweet dish

  6. hehe, I remember those ice candies. Been wanting to make them but can't seem to find the right bag. The closest ones are the Otter Pops but they're too skinny and flat-ish.
    I like avocado with evaporated milk and a sprinkling of sugar. Never tried using condensed milk, but now I will. (:

  7. I've been wanting to make an avocado shake for a while now. I actually just opened a can of sweetened condensed milk, so I should go out an get an avocado and make it already.

  8. I like the sound of the avocado and sweetened condensed milk combo!

  9. pigpigscorner:
    For me, avocado is still best when sweet and milky!

    Cookin' Canuck:
    No problem. Thanks for the visit.

    Haha, "guacamole"-schwacamole. Yeah, I'm too lazy to source those plastic bags. But yeah, I really should make this in those popsicle molds. Am getting excited just thinking about them.

    I guess the condensed milk nakes it one-step (as opposed to having sugar *and* evap). I think I may have given up recreating the "ice candies" of my childhood. Popsicles is the next best thing. =)

    Brittany (He Cooks She Cooks):
    Yes, yes, mixing with avocado is a great way to use up condensed milk. Although, sometimes I'm tempted to simply eat it as is! =D

  10. We grew up with avocado with regular milk and sugar, but you've got me curious about condensed milk. It's not too thick after it's mashed together? With regular milk (depending what ratio is used I suppose) it was already a paste.

    I sing the praises of this dessert to my non-Filipino friends all the time. Unfortunately many of them find it strange think of avocado in a non-savoury context. Damn guacamole =)

  11. Karen:
    Oh, everybody keeps saying that they just put milk and sugar. I thought condensed milk was the norm! If eating as is, then I just drizzle the avocado with the condensed milk without mashing. I do like my condensed milk so I tend to have the avocado *swimming* in it. =D

    "Damn guacamole" is right! Haha. =D

  12. I love this! Thanks for posting. I love avocado season! My grandmother often makes avocado shake but I want to learn how, too. =)

  13. Affy-Annn:
    Thanks for the visit! I was just talking about avocado pound cake earlier tonight.... I may need an avocado shake to tide me over. ;)

  14. I'm actually having an avocado shake right now as I'm reading this old post. And BTW, avocado IS a fruit isn't it?

  15. im having a shake too!! mmm

  16. How about mashed avocados with powdered milk and brown sugar? Have tried it? They taste heavenly!

    1. Oh! I've never tried it with powedered milk! Very intriguing indeed.

  17. I always prepare avocado shake every Saturday. I consider it as one of my weekend treats.


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