Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Longsilog (Longganisa + Sinangag + Itlog)

Longsilog = Longganisa + Sinangag + Itlog
(Longsilog = Longganisa (Philippine pork sausage) + Philippine Garlic Fried Rice + Egg)

Although "-silogs" are usually breakfast fare, I must admit I've never had one ever for breakfast.

I can see why a "silog" plate would make breakfast or brunch. Most probably, the sinangag (garlic rice) would be made with leftover rice from the night before, the protein section would be a quick-cooking pan-fry or deep-fry thing, and the sunny-side up eggs just give the whole plate that day-glow welcome.

Look at the crispy edges and bottom on this fried egg!

The "-silog" plate is infinitely variable. Besides the longsilog, there's the classic

tapsilog = beef tapa + sinangag + itlog. Or, there's the
tosilog = tocino (pineapple-cured pork) + sinangag + itlog. We've even seen
bangsilog = deep-fried bangus (milkfish) + sinangag + itlog.

What "-silog" plate would you create?

digging in

Given that I don't usually have a heavy breakfast, we had this longsilog plate for dinner instead.

I love everything about this plate: the longganisa were extremely tasty, the egg yolk just oozed so deliciously into the garlic rice...

left: longganisa with chile-vinegar;
right: egg yolk-ooze on sinangag

...the egg whites were fried to a toast-y brown, and the chile-vinegar condiment just tied the whole thing together and made me want to eat more!

I am kind of drooling for one right now.

Longsilog = Longganisa + Sinangag + Itlog
Skinless Longganisa (Philippine Pork Sausage)
Sinangag (Philippine Garlic Fried Rice)

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  1. I must really have this one of these days. Your tandem posts are making me crave.

  2. I also like SPAMsilog and DILISsilog.

  3. How come I knew this was coming. :) Gosh, that plate looks so good and I haven't had a silog in a looong time. Spamsilog has been the easiest to prepare but haven't had that in awile either! I think it's time to remedy that.

  4. It like the philipino version of a full english breakfast.

  5. in indonesia, i grew up eating noodles or rice + dishes for breakfast...i must also admit that it's been a longgggggggggg time since i ate rice for breakfast...miss it :)

  6. Hehe, Dr. Em's suggestions sound nice too :) I like a good classic tosilog any day :)

  7. Em Dy:
    Oh, I don't think I'vever had DILIS-silog. How very intriguing! At least silogs are easy to find there! Here, we have to make them ourselves! =)

    We usually don't have SPAMsilog. Instead we cook span with eggs directly!

    maybelle's mom:
    A breakfast like this was probably those hardy, hardworking folks back in the day... I don't think I can down such a big meal right after waking up!

    M... Rita:
    I have a hard time eating rice in the morning; just because my mouth is still usually asleep and is too lazy to chew. ;)

    It's been so long since I've had tocino! =(


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