Friday, February 08, 2008

About Us

eatingclub vancouver, the blog, was born in February 2008.

This blog is owned and maintained by TS and JS. They write most of the entries, with the occasional guest blogger. Photographs are taken by TS and JS as well. email [at] eatingclubvancouver [dot] com

The name of this blog comes from the club "eatingclub," which started in November 1999 as a monthly dining club. TS and JS were founding members of this club and, with likeminded foodies (although that term wasn't popular then), they set out to explore Vancouver's culinary terrain.

Then, due to busy schedules, the life of the club got interrupted: it became a once-in-3-months sort of dining club. Then a once-a-year dining club. Then it hibernated for a while. Then the dining club idea died altogether and "eatingclub" became a mailing list for restaurant reviews and other food-related topics (and non-food-related topics, like Buffy, and other important stuff like that).

this is JS

TS and JS are sisters.

JS is the older of the two, although she can still be mistaken for a minor when entering movie theaters and night clubs. Not that night clubs and bars are her scene. TS is the more accomplished, having gone to a real culinary school and worked briefly at a fine-dining restaurant. This is especially apparent when it comes to tasks requiring manual and physical coordination. The bigger set of hands you see on the blog would be the hands of TS. The red shirt is also the shirt of TS.

this is TS

TS and JS started this blog to collect the many eclectic foodthings going about their lives and the lives of those around them.

Restaurant reviews, once the focus of "eatingclub", is now only one component of the blog. A significant portion of the blog covers food that TS and JS, and other guest bloggers, cook and create. If by chance JS and TS have the opportunity to travel, then most likely some of these stories and the food will find themselves into this blog. It is the hope of JS and TS to share with their readers the wonder and pure joy they find in the world of foodthings.

Having grown up Chinese, spending their childhoods in Manila, a tropical city an ocean away from their current homebase, and living in Vancouver (a "foodie" city if there ever was one), the tastes and interests of TS and JS can only be classified as eclectic and multicultural.

This blog will reflect their multifaceted fascination with the multitudes of different foods, cuisines, and culinary traditions. This blog has no goal or objective to achieve. The only destination is deliciousness, and for that, the journey has to have no end...

But, of course, it does not mean that they cannot take little rests once every now so often.

["About Us" written in July 2008]
Feel free to shoot us an email at email [at] eatingclubvancouver [dot] com

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  1. Hi js - I answered your question about galangal over at tamarindtrees but I thought I'd double up here just to be sure. If you can't get it fresh, you should be able to find it as pickled or frozen slices, and either form is a pretty fine substitute. Increase amounts a little with the pickled variety.

    (ps - feel free to not post/delete this one - it's just a cc)

  2. Hi Ts & Js,

    Our blog were born at the same time. Nice to meet you guys. :)


  3. LOL please don't be offended but I've been reading your blog for awhile now and without reading the 'About Us'...I thought you guys were a couple :p sorry. Love reading your posts and enjoy reading recipes that are easy enough for wannabe foodies like me.
    Keep the easy recipes coming :D

  4. Hello ladies,

    love the blog and recipes. Thought you might be interested in this little project called Social Bites ( I'll send you more info via email.

  5. You have matching tenis shoes?? That is so cute! I lived in downtown Vancouver for a while and now we (husband and I) are not far away, in Seattle. We still dream of returning to BC though.
    Nice to meet you girls

  6. Annika:
    We received the info. Thanks!

    Our shoes don't really match, do they?! =)

  7. Hi girls, it was nice meeting you guys in SF. Hope to meet up and go eat together next time I'm in Vancouver!

  8. And suddenly it all comes together. Nice to see see you at VanChow tonight JS!

  9. Mimimoza:
    It was great meeting you too! =) Definitely let us know.

    Likewise. -JS


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