Monday, November 17, 2008

Cornmeal-crusted Okra

We don't work much with okra. If we ever do, it's to add a few pods to sinigang.

So when I found a bag of okra in the fridge, I was a little bit at a loss on what to do. I do remember having seen them fried up on Good Eats a while back. Of course, I was too lazy to look up how Alton (first name basis) did this, so I winged it.

I cut the okra into rounds, dredged the rounds in cornmeal, and pan-fried them.

I may have fried them for a bit too long, because they shrunk significantly! Or, do they always shrink like so?

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  1. i like that you didn't really use a batter to fry these. i think most veggies shrink when they cook, right? seriously, i'm not being a smart ass here at all... just askin!

  2. as long as its cooked right okra is really good. I like it in gumbo

  3. aiiicckkkksss now i regret not buying a bag of okras on sale yesterday hehehe (normally they are expensive here) sob sob

  4. My mom does okra almost the same way but adds red pepper. they are delicious this way.

  5. I adore okra in any incarnation, and this looks delightful. The cornmeal must have really given it that nice crunch and reduced the okra gooeyness (sp?) that some people find off putting.

  6. I know okra is one of the nutritious veggie, but it is also one that my veggie-loving Hubby and kids wont eat... :(

  7. my husband loves okra... i am sometimes to lazy took them :D

  8. I'm actually usually freaked out by the sliminess of okra, but once I saw a renowned Indian chef on Mark Bittman's show that sliced them thinly (lengthwise) and fried them-- looked awesome. You've achieved a similar, but no less appetizing effect here :)

  9. we call it lady's fingers here hehe... they look nice coated in cornmeal :)~

  10. Okra! One of my favorite vegetables! Thank you for using it... I've never actually had it this way, but it is the really, truly authentic Southern way of cooking okra. (I'm willing to try, but my husband hates fried food. Pan-frying it as you did would probably bother him less.)

    For those who find okra slimy, I find that when I use frozen okra it tends to be a little less slimy than fresh.

  11. I love this okra! Thanks for the great recipe

  12. We Are Never Full:
    Haha... yes, that's true. Ours just seemed to have shrunk so much; I wasn't sure if that was normal with okra.

    I still don't think of myself as having cooked okra; it's still an unfamiliar.

    Mochachocolata Rita:
    Oh, I don't even know if they're cheap or expensive here. Teehee.

    maybelle's mom:
    So, she's maybelle's mom's mom? =D

    Choosy Beggar Tina:
    I do love my cornmeal. Perhaps mine shrunk significantly because all the gooey stuff got cooked out.

    Maybe just sneak it in in sinigang, hehe.

    We're really lazy about anything that involves frying. I wonder what other ways people use them, besides in gumbo or sinigang (Filipino soup).

    Frying solves everything, it seems. Still don't know what to do with okra, though, generally.

    Such an elegant name for them, hehe.

    Fearless Kitchen said...
    Oh, I don't know if frozen okra is readily available here or not.

    np. =)

  13. i'm convinced that anyone who claims to not like okra simply hasn't had it properly prepared. this looks amazing. :)

  14. Looks delish to me! Now I want to make some.
    Yes, okra does shrink and shrivel when fried. That's a good thing; it gets rid of the icky sap.

  15. I hate okra, but you have managed to make it look good!!


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