Saturday, November 15, 2008

Starfruit Snapper

One day, there was a fresh-looking snapper at the market. He had a friend, chicken egg.

Hi Snapper!
Hi Egg!

Chicken egg used strictly for scale purposes.

Starfruit had plans of her own.

Next thing anybody knew, snapper and starfruit were seen partying around town, always bedecked festively like so; chicken egg was nowhere to be seen.

That narrative there is what happens when one can't think of anything to say about a dish. The snapper was wrapped in banana leaves and steamed in the packet alongside starfruit slices, lemons, cilantro, ginger, green onions and tomatoes.

I'm not too sure the starfruit added anything to the dish. Oh well, it was an idea.

I just wanted to post this because that snapper looked so nice and festive in its party clothes.

The end.


  1. lol, the star fruit certainly does add a festive touch

  2. Creative indeed to add star fruit! The fish looks good.

  3. Is that final picture post-cooking? (I thought not, as the cilantro is vibrant.) Awesome. I love the pic, all we need now is a cookbook to put it in :)

  4. I love the scowl on the fish's face. This was not a happy fish, eh? Too funny!

  5. It's that thing we used for stamping star patterns on paper back in grade school. It was edible???

  6. I agree. Very pretty. All dressed up and no where to go?

  7. kat:
    The ater makes this a little bit Christmas-y...

    Next time we're going to try eating the starfruit as is. =)

    Yes, this was taken pre-cooking. I think *you* should come up with a cookbook! Or at least, a cofee table book with your food. =)

    Maybe he looks sad because he knew he was going to get cooked!

    Haha... I've never tried eating starfruit fresh as is... Is it good? It doesn't seem to be a sweet fruit.

    Lori Lynn:
    It went to a party in the stomach.

  8. lol at the story... it caught my attention to keep reading :P the starfruit is such a pretty garnish for the fish :)

  9. I'm always tempted into buying starfruit but then find it way too tart to eat straight up. I gotta try this with my next impulse purchase!

  10. the fish definitely looks festive and pretty! never had starfruit with dish, very interesting idea indeed!

  11. noobcook:
    Woohoo... JS was saying that people will start reading and just click away. ;D

    I do need to figure out some ways to eat/use it if we are ever to buy starfruit again!

    Tastes of Home:
    This fish had good taste in party clothes.


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