Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Potato Cornmeal Foccacia

Ever since my first foccacia, I've gotten to baking a few more foccacia for our mid-afternoon snacks.

This is before we moved, by the way -- we haven't gotten around to baking in the new kitchen yet.

We finally have internet access, wow. We still have a lot of old-house posts to get through. We haven't taken pictures in the new house yet. Anyway, in the old house, before asking for lighting help, we decided to "wing it" and get an old table lamp for lighting. We didn't have any tissue/tracing paper to act as a diffuser, so we got what we thought was the next best thing -- a sheet of paper towel.

After trying to figure out if the lighting was working and trying not to have my shadow in the shot, my assistant (haha; that would be JS) had to interrupt the "photo shoot" because this happened:

The lamp burned a hole through the sheet!

I've been experimenting with the ratio of whole wheat flour to white in my foccacia. For this particular one, I tried using all whole wheat flour. I also added in a handful of cornmeal. (My previous foccacia recipe found here.)

I added some sliced Yukon gold potatoes and rosemary on top of it, as well a scattering of more cornmeal, and let it bake for 35-40 minutes.

I left it out on the table with a small bowl of balsamic vinegar and olive oil, and each individual would grab a piece as they passed by.

Oh yeah, these pictures are us experimenting with lighting. Results are "OK", I guess.

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Sherli Hon Dory is submitting this to Potato Ho-Down, hosted this month by Chew On That.

The round-up should appear sometime after October 15.

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  1. No matter your experiments with the light... I can smell this focaccia from here!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm I should learn to bake it :D I'm a potato devorator ;D

  2. This is awesome! It's just beautiful! Thanks so much for participating this month in the Ho Down.

  3. wow, looks so mouth watering!
    I am glad that you only burn the cloth, I am sure you'll be careful next time!

  4. Lighting in the winter is ever evolving at my house. I have been using 2 lamps with a rice paper shades but my picts definitely look different from the summer. I must say I really like these focaccia picts--they look delicious.

  5. Núria:
    I like that: "Potato Devorator"!! =D

    kat \ tigerfish:

    Now we're also figuring out "how to" blog at the new house. =) Thanks for the tips!

    noble pig:
    We couldn't miss it!

    Haha, it's all in the name of food blogging!

    maybelle's mom:
    Yeah, we have to figure out how we're going to do "winter blogging" now. We haven't really tried much picture-taking at the new house yet.

  6. i am so sad for that piece of paper towel.

  7. nikki:
    Haha. Don't worry, no major organs were damaged. After a brief recovery period, the paper towel went on to live a fulfilling life wiping up a spill.

  8. Oh my word, that foccacia looks incredible... carbs on carbs! Sorry about your lighting mishap - I always have a fear that this will happen :o)


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