Thursday, November 20, 2008

Banana Bread and Peach Bread Pudding

I've actually made a few more bread puddings between the first attempt and this one. They really are quite easy to make.

This is how this one came to being.

The previous day or so, CSC set about to bake one loaf of banana bread and another of cranberry-orange nut bread. The next day, I was about to microwave some leftovers when I found a measuring cup with some re-solidified butter in it.

After a slight pause (perhaps of disbelief?) --
"CSC! CSC! Which loaf has no butter?!"

Yes, it was the banana bread that had no butter. CSC was set to destroy that loaf, but I decided to make something useful out of it.

Hence, the title of the post is not a typo. It's a Banana Bread Bread Pudding.

I cut the butterless banana bread into cubes. This time, I didn't bother separating the milk and the eggs. I mixed the "custard" ingredients together -- milk, butter, sugar and salt -- and dumped them in. I thought just having banana bread was a bit "plain" and decided to cut up a couple of peaches that were disappointingly bland (ugh) and not fit for consumption as is at all.

I made my usual crisp/crumble topping of oats, brown sugar and butter.

I think this was a good outcome for the butterless banana bread. Not surprisingly, it tasted quite banana bread-y.

Banana Bread Recipe

Southern-inspired Meal

Savoy Slaw
Cornmeal-crusted Okra
Creamed Spinach
Buttermilk Oven-fried Chicken
Banana Bread and Peach Bread Pudding

We're submitting this to the I LOVE BAKING event crated by Ben of What's Cooking.


  1. You are so resourceful, I love it! The crumb topping is especially inspired -- I'm making bread pudding for Thanksgiving and I think this will be a nice touch.

  2. What a good save for something that otherwise would have been thrown away

  3. What an amazing combo. I often throw bread scraps in the freezer to save for bread pudding... but I've never tried it with bananad bread. Genius!!

  4. helloooo moistness! considering how much i love banana bread on its own, you've just made me deliriously happy. :)

  5. Julia:
    I'm all about the crumb topping. It's crumb topping or nothing. =)

    Not that we have cakes or any such things lying around... but bread pudding is probably a good use for all leftover cakes and muffins and all that. Throw everything in a ziploc bag... and use when the bag is full. =)

    Emeka Amakeze:
    Why, thank you.

    I winder if it's overkill to make the bread pudding with banana bread and add chunks of banana in it? Is it, is it?

  6. Good for you for making something grand out of a almost thrown away banana bread! It looks good and moist, comfort food for a chilly day.

  7. It's kinda funny, but CSC made another loaf of banana bread the other day that she had forgotten in the oven! Surprisingly, it wasn't too badly burnt at all, considering it was in the oven for 2 hours. I sliced off the crust and made banana bread bread pudding again!


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