Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Buttermilk Oven-fried Chicken

We've made Buttermilk Fried Chicken before, to great results. JS who made the marinade this time around. She combined buttermilk, paprika, garlic, salt and pepper.

(I'm a little unsure as to why we have buttermilk in the house. Strange. Unless it was bought specifically for this dish... could it have been?)

It marinaded overnight, of course.

The next day, I pulled a shake-n-bake on the chicken.

I used some homemade breadcrumbs. Our food processor wasn't powerful enough to pulverize the bread, so I had to strain the breadcrumbs to remove the big bits. It took A. WHILE. It was a little bit of martyr-ization, that straining of bread crumbs. I was a tad surprised I bothered.

the chicken shaking in the bag

I placed the chicken drumsticks, which, for some reason, were extra huge, on a rack-lined baking pan, and baked them. They took a longer time than usual, because of the unexplained hugeness of the drumsticks.

They were fantabulous.
(Yes, even though there were oven-"fried".)

Southern-inspired Meal

Savoy Slaw
Cornmeal-crusted Okra
Creamed Spinach
Buttermilk Oven-fried Chicken
Banana Bread and Peach Bread Pudding

We're submitting this to the I LOVE BAKING event crated by Ben of What's Cooking.


  1. I love the idea of homemade "Shake and Bake"! I might try this with panko breadcrumbs.

  2. I like the idea of oven fried. My daughters beau is gluten free and I am going to help her come up with a shake and bake without gluten. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. hmnn... this looks good! and since you were patient with the breadcrumbs, this must've been a good reward, huh??? :o)

  4. Holy chicken deliciousness! YUM!

  5. Marinading chicken in buttermilk is the best! I like to use panko as my breading & add a little lemon peel to it. Yours certainly looks good with the patiently prepared breading though

  6. This is great and of course so much healthier than frying.

  7. I've made this before as well...Personally I think it's the "best" way to make it.


  8. This is a great recipe!! And I like you use the oven instead of deep frying!

  9. Well, it looks like this is another oven fried method I've got to try... if it tastes as good as it looks, it just might impress!

  10. Su-Lin:
    Shake and Bake was one of those products that we tried as new immigrants a long tiem ago. ;)

    Oh, how to do that? Besides buying non-gluten crackers or bread from the store...

    Haha, yeah. I guess sometimes doing the work does yield a good result. ;D

    Make that HUGE CHICKEN LEG deliciousness.

    Oh, we've dwon lemon zest in toasted breadcrumbs for sauteed greens or some pasta, but not as breading for chicken! Will try that.

    Not to mention lazy-friendly too. =)

    Deep-frying, while good, takes too much effort for us. =D

    We do use the oven a lot, we realize. =)

  11. I love this Southern Food theme going on here. Yup, buttermilk marinade then oven fried is the best.:)

  12. Ah, oven fried, deep-fried-- it's all good to me! Bring it on! :)

  13. This is one of my favorite recipes! I think I like it even more than regular fried chicken. I have to admit though, that mine always has huge chunks of bread crumbs, they don't look anywhere near as pretty as yours!

  14. Oven baked sounds good ... no need to activate the deep fryer ... I would love to sink my teeth into this one, yummy :D

  15. Pam:
    We tried making bread crumbs with a more powerful food processor and there were no lumps/chunks! Have to do that next time.

    We don't even have a deep fryer... so deep-frying is even harder for us!

  16. I'm all for avoiding frying and when they look this good (chicken), I'm 100% behind this baking method.

  17. Peter M:
    Yeah, it's just so much more convenient!

  18. Your home made shake and bake looks fabulous! I'm giving it a try soon.

  19. Is there a taste / texture difference between oven frying and deep frying? Which do you prefer, taste-wise?

  20. This looks so incredibly good!

  21. KC:
    Thanks! =)

    The taste is pretty much the same, I think. Texturally, it depends how you want your skin. The oven-fried method depends on the breading for the crisp factor. Fried, as you know, is all about the skin itself! =)

  22. Just so you know, people also drink buttermilk. It's a great way to get your probiotics (a. casei) and it's remarkably low fat, which I'll never understand. Try kefir as well. In the place I'm living (London) I can get the real thing and it tastes like buttermilk, but has even more of the healthy probiotics (b. bulgaricus). Go on, don't be afraid. It's SUPPOSED to taste like cheese. Lasts forever in your fridge too.

  23. Anon:
    Ah, I know kefir... But I haven't come across buttermilk-drinking people. =)


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