Sunday, July 20, 2008

(Sesame Seed) Buns

We thought we'd try something different and participate in the Taste & Create event (created by For the Love of Food).

How it works:
Each blog gets a partner and makes something from the partner's blog. In our case, we were paired with Stephanie from Fun Foods -- On a Budget!

We're not really big bakers, so we thought we'd try something new-ish and make hamburger buns.

I took the liberty of adding some sesame seeds on top of our buns. Hence, sesame seed buns. =)


bun in the oven, done!

Stephanie was correct: this was a very simple yet successful recipe. The bun was soft and slightly sweet. Very nice. Ours still tasted a bit yeasty, though, so I don't know if that was intentional. In any case, we didn't mind the yeasty flavor; after all, isn't that what bread's supposed to taste like?

soft & fluffy

Once we knew we were making these buns, we brainstormed ideas for fillings. I think what we have is quite exciting! (Well, at least, I think it's super-duper-exciting.) Stay tuned!

Breads we've done from the book:
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Other breads we've made before:
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Sesame Seed Buns
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This event is created by created by For the Love of Food to promote community, sharing, tasting, and blogging.

Our partner blog: Fun Foods -- On a Budget!
Recipe for buns here.


  1. I make a lot of bread but have never had much success with rolls/buns. Always a bit hard or doughy. I have never used all purpose flour so maybe that is why. I will give these a whirl.
    Thank you
    By the way your blog is very good. Thank you for leaving a comment on mine

  2. Wow, these look great. I never thought of making buns before and I love the sesame seeds on top.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.

  3. My family makes bread and buns with sesame's the norm for us and hey...make for a good home burger too!

  4. omg this looks amazing!! I am so hopeless with baking and right now i am so impressed with how pretty and delectable these sesame seed buns look!

  5. Very nice! I love the golden color!

  6. Glad you like the rolls - we've made them several times and I think they're just great! The sesame seeds look like a nice touch.

    This Taste&Create thing is pretty fun! This was my first month participating, and I think I'll definitely do it again next month! :-)

  7. This seems like a nice recipe to try. I'm also not very big on baking and am reluctant to undertake most baking tasks out of fear/laziness. I like they way these turned out though. And buns are spectacular, general, you know?

  8. Wow! Your buns look so yummy! I have never made breads before and am not sure if I have the courage to knead and wait for the rise... but I'm sure having freshly baked buns must be heavenly...whatever palaman you put in :)

  9. I made these yesterday. I added wholemeal flour and some bran. They were gorgeous. So soft. There was a slight yeasty taste but I find that happens when using dried yeast. I think I'll try them again with the fast action yeast to see. I love to experiment. Thank you for sharing. Lovely

  10. cookinpanda:
    "...out of fear/laziness": haha, that sounds exactly like us!

    soli deo gloria:
    These were nice and simple: no kneading involved! And the rising time wasn't too long, especially if they're put in a warmish place.

    Oh, we didn't know about the yeasty taste in regards to dry yeast. We're quite unknowledgable about yeasts and how each different kind differs from each other.

  11. Those sesame seed buns look nice and light and fluffy and good.

  12. Very impressive! I'm going to try these.

  13. Your buns look gorgeous! There's nothing better than homemade bread!



  14. What a marvelous set of buns you have! :)

    The pics looks really tasty!

  15. Your buns look awesome! THAT is what a hamburger bun is supposed to look like. Great job!

  16. I will grind some fresh bison and give those beautiful buns a try.

    Thanks for sharing.

  17. Those buns look nice and fluffy :) Sesame seeds are always a nice touch.

  18. Just reporting back. I tried your buns with the fast action yeast but they were dense and heavy. I made white ones again using your method and dried yeast. Just lovely. Thank you

  19. Rhyleysgranny:
    Wow, thanks for the feedback!


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