Thursday, September 11, 2008

Duck Fat Potatoes

Here's that lovely, white, pure duck fat that you know and love.

Add that to potatoes...

...and you have DUCK FAT POTATOES!!!

Oops, I meant, shout-from-the-rooftop

We used both kinds of potatoes. (Well, the purple ones were an afterthought. So I had to fry them after the original batch.)

This is even easier than french fries. I cut the potatoes into cube-like pieces and threw them into the hot duck fat. I kept the heat on medium/med-high and stirred occasionally, waiting until the potato cubes were crisp and golden. I didn't even really need to watch over them!


They were so not enough.

golden in the sunlight

kissed with grains of salt

Is this not the quintessential dish for a Potato Ho (and a Potato Ho-Down)?

We, Sherli Hon Dory, are submitting this to Potato Ho-Down, hosted this month by Diane of Asthmagirl Cooks!

The round-up should appear sometime after September 17.

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  1. ooh, my arteries are quivering!!

    looks delicious, if slightly wicked!

  2. Aaaaahhhh I could eat the whole bowl!!! Never cooked with duck's fat but I can imagine how tasty they were and those grains of sea salt.... Oooooh delicious and simple :D

  3. Ho-chia. Ho-chia..

  4. The cholesterol! The Cholesterol! Arrrg!!! Wicked temptation! :)

  5. gosh, I love everything you guys eat! The salad below but these potatoes are heaven.

  6. Oh lord, this is one heart attack waiting to happen - but it looks damn good!


  7. That looks so good! Seriously, there is no better fat than duck fat :)

  8. Who knew that duck fat was so beautiful? The potatoes look and sound absolutely delicious.

  9. This is beautiful! And to think my husband skeeved the first time he saw duck fat for sale in the store....

  10. I have did & gone to heaven! I can't believe you didn't invite me over to eat those!

  11. The best in fat rules!

  12. My heart beat it's last just looking at these lovelies! But the rest of me might just hang around until they're all eaten!! :)

  13. I was wondering when the duck fat would make it's presence! Yeah for duck fat!

  14. This is just too fantastic.
    Ah, to throw caution to the wind for a bowlful of these!

  15. I think this is the best Ho-down recipe ever! Wow, yum...I bow down to you!

  16. duck fat makes the world go 'round. :) great ho down entry, to be sure!

  17. That is some serious FAT and some serious potatoes ... dang, it makes me crave fat fried foods. I'm a fan of bacon grease and used to keep a jar in the fridge for frying up potatoes like this ... or for popping corn ... or for making cornbread ... mmmm, animal fat is tasty :-) I haven't used duckie fat but can imagine it's wickedly good!

  18. All fries should be done in duck fat. There's this one hot dog place in Chicago that serves duck fat fries on the weekend. There's usually a 1 hour wait.

  19. Hells yeah! Bring on the duck fat potatoes!

  20. I already deep-fry enough. I don't want to go to hell for using duck fat, too. Because just my luck...that's exactly what would happen

  21. Duck Fat ... Really? I would have never thought of frying potatoes in duck fat! Was the flavor stronger or was it the same a regular oil? Great idea!

  22. Aren't these the best!! I started making them after taking a French Cooking class last year - so good!!!! I also like to use celery root.

  23. Those are awesome! I even have some reserved duck fat for just such an occasion...

  24. I always roast mine, but yours look even better!

  25. That looks so good. Amazingly wicked indeed!

  26. I totally giggle at Potato Ho. I'm such a child.

    Oh, and I would totally take the heart attack that came with just to try these. They look amazing.

  27. That is ever so scrumptious! They look gorgeous! I love the taste it gives to the potatoes!



  28. Oh no you didn't! :-)
    This is the only real love there is... duck fat love.

  29. Duck fat is so fabulous. What a wonderful dish!


  30. Yes, finally, the duck fat potatoes make their appearance! How could we not?

    You should, you should! And I think the best is to cook potatoes in it. =)

    Allen of EOL:
    Wow, how much bacon does it take to have a COLLECTION of bacon fat?!! ;)

    Whoa! ONE HOUR!!?! Have you waited that long personally?

    Duck fat has an aroma all its own. Definitely not like vegetable oil. Smells heavenly; tastes great too. =)

  31. Not that's a plan... Everyone always roasts potatoes in duck fat in the oven but I love the idea of doing them on the stove. Definitely going to try this.

  32. Oh my, oh my, oh my! You had me at duck fat, but two types of potatoes AND course salt... dreamy. Simply dreamy.

  33. yes, while duck fat is the best for frying potatoes, it's not always a handy ingredient.

    A good substitute:

    When I roast chicken, I strain off the fat and refrigerate it. I usually use rosemary to roast the chicken so the fat is tinged with that lovely herb. I have used this fabulous fat for potatoes.

    And memorable they were....


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