Sunday, August 02, 2009

BC Blueberries dinner @ Nu

Last week, the kind folks at the BC Blueberry Council invited JS and I, along with a few fellow bloggers, to a dinner at Nu.

Before I go on, I must thank Angie of Seasaltwithfood for the photographs since, of course, I neglected to bring a camera. Thanks, Angie!

On the right is some bread, and butter with smoked sea salt.

Arugula salad with blueberries, walnuts, cucumber and green apple.

JS and I were in a seafood state of mind. I ordered the tuna salad while JS got the moules frites. Also on the menu, but what we did not order, were a bison dish with a berry sauce and a flat iron steak with blueberry jus.

Then, a nice, light dessert. It was a light cake studded with blueberries, topped with a macaron and served with blueberry compote and a milky blueberry drink.

This was a fun, fact-filled evening. I did not know that BC is the second-largest blueberry producer in the world! Of course, everybody knows about the health benefits of blueberries, right?

Happy BC Day!

What better way to celebrate BC Day (August 3, 2009) than by stuffing one's face with BC Blueberries. It's perfect for lazy us as they don't need any peeling or chopping, or any prep work at all.

At the end of the dinner, we received 8 pints of blueberries from the BC Blueberry Council! We also had two containers of blueberries at home, each weighing in at 2 pounds. We've been eating them as is, but, some serious blueberry-usage is needed. Stay tuned.

Visit the BC Blueberries website for more information and recipes.

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  1. Hey no worries! Most importantly we had a great evening :)

  2. Argh, I'm so jealous again! (I'm just glad there were no blueberries in the moules frites... right?) Love the dessert!

  3. Pleasure to meet you both (finally)!

  4. Angie:
    It was a fun evening. =)

    Too bad I didn't really get what that cake was, exactly. But, it was indeed very nice.

    Hey, blueberries in a broth... that could be a good idea... right, right? ;)


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