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Shilin Night Market 士林夜市 (Taipei, Taiwan)

fruit stall

Oh yes, we haven't finished posting about our trip from several months ago!

Taiwan is famous for its night markets. So, while in Taipei, we thought to go to the most famous of them all, it seems: Shilin Night Market (士林夜市).

That above is a photo of one of the numerous fruit stalls at the market. Look at all those fruits, all cut up and prepped for one's enjoyment!

We had been snacking on guavas for a bit a couple of days before this, but were happy to discover that one stand had small unripe mangoes!

Big-time drool!

Unfortunately, the kind stall-owner insisted on sprinkling sour plum powder on the sliced green mango pieces instead of sticking to the coarse salt like we asked. =(

I don't have anything against "dried sour plum" or sour plum powder (they're great when you feel nauseous or dizzy), but not on my unripe mangoes!

More sweet things

Shaved Ice Dessert stall

Candied Fruit on Sticks
I think it's an Asian/Chinese thing (not just in Taiwan), but you'll see the person or owner manning the store sitting down for their meal. That doesn't really happen in "Western" (North American) establishments.

Huge Taiwanese Sausage

We tried this. It tasted like sausage; a Chinese sausage. (So descriptive, I know.)

I was a little disappointed that they cut up the sausage! I had to go back and take a picture of the sausages at the stall. But, it obviously makes for an easier time eating.


We didn't really try a lot of the different foods on offer. We're only human, after all!

So, I didn't try to be a hero. I didn't bother getting anything from this offal stand. I'm a wimp, offally-speaking.

Although, I don't count those chicken feet as "offal." Nor pig's ear. I guess I should be more specific and say that I'm a wimp, innardly-speaking.

Random Buns

I don't remember what kind of buns these are, just that one has a meat filling and the other, cabbage filling. I liked the vegetable one better.

Bun Assembly Line

This stall had an assembly line going! Above is the person making all the dough and shaping them into little balls.

(Look, the other person working is having her dinner!)

That dude above (white T-shirt) stuffs all those little dough balls. I think the two people place those filled buns onto the cooktop, then, in the picture in the right, that sleeveless dude flips them and/or takes care of them when they've finished cooking.

Finished product


We didn't get to try these "rotis". Apparently, you choose a filling. Among the choices: chicken, beef, or even chocolate! That domed apparatus is the griddle.

This guy would roll out the dough, then start flipping, slapping and tossing the round until it was paper thin. Then, he would throw the paper-thin round on the domed griddle.

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

How can one go wrong with fried chicken? Or, should I say, Large Fried Chicken?

These fried chicken had the usual Taiwanese "salty-peppery" flavor with which we were familiar. ("Salty Peppery" is usually how it's transalted into English on menus.)

So, how big is this LARGE fried chicken?

This big.

view from the Metro platform

We couldn't really take more of the night market, leaving after only about an hour. Off we went to go have dinner! Taiwan Beef Noodle!


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  1. wow, look at all those glorious food! The sausage is HUGE!

  2. Oh dear! What part of a chicken would that be?! Looks delicious, though :) (though I demand some ketchup or gravy, heh heh :)

  3. Those are famous in Shilin night market but I have not gone to this night market before :O

  4. omg I wish to go Taipei now. The fried chicken looks much bigger than the ones in Singapore *drools*

  5. pigpigscorner:
    Hehe... It may jhave been called "Big Suasage" too, but I'm not sure.

    I think they used chicken thighs that they deboned and managed to stretch out like that. We saw several big Rubbermaid tubs of the marinated chicken beside the stall. Yes, unrefrogerated and all! =)

    At least for me, all night markets seem to look about the same. =)

    Maybe they're just the same size. JS has really small hands; that's why I asked her to hold the chicken while I took the picture. Hehe.

  6. lol...that is exactly what taiwan is famous for.night markets are definitely a place tourists in taiwan cannot miss


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