Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mama's Giniling (v.4 and v.5)

Our whole family (and other families too) loves Mama's Giniling, a ground pork dish. The classic version is one with diced carrots and potatoes. Of course, our mother likes to keep us on our toes and whip up different versions of her giniling, version 2 and version 3 being documented before.

The two versions here, v.4 and v.5, may be part of what could be called the lap cheung series. ;D

(We still had lap cheung leftover from making Lap Cheung-Cilantro Rice, one of the components for our Dimsum Seafood Trio.)

Version 4

v.4 consists of ground pork (of course), lap cheung, diced "fried tofu" (they're sold as "fried tofu"), leeks (including the greens) and garlic. The usual soy sauce too.

Happy together in the pan.

Even happier on rice.

These two versions were drier than the classic, more like (finger quotations here) "stir-fries".

Version 5

v.5 looks so nice and golden in the sunlight. It has ground pork, lap cheung, bok choy, tomatoes and garlic. And hey, is that a lone floret of gai lan (Chinese broccoli) there?

As you can see, Mama's ginilings are only limited by the stuff that need to be used up. =)

No requisite shot on rice this time.

v.4 and v.5 done.

Who knows what Mama's future incarnations of giniling will be.

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  1. That's looks really good. Very versatile giniling!

  2. So like a stir=fry in our house, its a bit of whatever is in the fridge

  3. What a beautiful dish! I love it!

    I love dishes Mom used to make, they are always the best.

  4. This makes me hungry, reminds me of all the tasty Phillipino food I ate when I worked at the bank.

    You make me "dooling" for Giniling! lol

  5. Thought I would pick a favorite, but no, I'd like them all.

    Happy Together, reminds me of that old song by the Turtles. haha

  6. Great shot here - this is looking mighty good!


  7. You ladies are the experts on all thing giniling. I must say it looks damn tasty.

    Feel free to stop by my home anytime to cook for me. :-)

  8. I don't think I could chose between those two, they both look so delicious!

  9. Ooooo purdy! I love quick little stir fries like this that change with whats in the fridge.

  10. I'll be looking forward to versions 6 and so on. This was one of my favorites, always binge eating with rice whenever it's made.


  11. Our mother's funny. I was showing her these photos and asking what she put. Her response: "I don't know what's in there now! I don't remember. The usual."

    peter m:
    Oh!!! DULING!!! Hahaha! At first I thought you misspelled DROOLING. ;D


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