Sunday, September 07, 2008


We've been tagged!

Jude from Apple Pie, Patis, Paté tagged us with this meme.

Last Movie I Saw In A Movie Theater?
[ts] The Dark Knight.
[js] The Dark Knight.

What Book Are You Reading?
[ts] I confess, this whole blogging thing has stolen time from reading. I don't remember the last book I read because they're all packed in boxes for the move. I like to look at my books to refresh my memory. I have left these titles out of boxes in the delusional hope that I will get to them before the move: Special Topics in Calamity Physics, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, We Are All the Same and The Witch of Portobello.

Favorite Board Game?
[ts] Haven't played any in a while. We invented a Monopoly-like game that used a Monopoly board and another board that we made. You can move from board to board via the railroads, but there was an exchange rate for the currencies, and etc etc etc. Hey, it was our brother's idea! ;D

Favorite Magazine?
[js] Random, whatever's available. I'm not committed to magazines these days.
[ts] It used to be Martha Stewart Living! Teehee. Don't really read any right now, except Gourmet and the occasional Maclean's.

Favorite Smells?
[ts] Sesame Oil. Lime. Leaves of a book.

Favorite Sounds?
[js] Sizzling sounds.

Worst Feeling In The World?
[js] Shame.

First Thing You Think of When You Wake?
[ts] Ugh. What time is it?

Favorite Fast Food Place?
[js] McDonalds. Still holds nostalgic value for me, although the food now sucks. Plus, you know how they're all E-V-I-L now. ;)

Future Child’s Name?
[js] Something classy and classic.

Finish This Statement—“If I Had a Lot of Money,”
[ts] "...I'd buy you a green dress. But not a real green dress, that's cruel."

Do You Drive Fast?
[ts] Normal-fast.

Do You Sleep With a Stuffed Animal?
[ts] No.

Storms—cool or scary?
[ts] Cool. Make that kEwL!!! The wind is my favorite.

What Was Your First Car?
[ts] I don't know. I drove what was there. We're the only family who don't care about cars, I think.

Favorite Drink?
[ts] Water.
[js] Cold water.

Finish This Statement—“If I Had the Time, I Would…”
[js] I'd portion it out and sell it.

Do You Eat the Stems on Broccoli?
[js] Of course.

If You could Dye your Hair Any Other Color, What Would It Be?
[ts] I like my hair!

Name All the Different Cities In Which You Have Lived
[ts/js] Manila, Vancouver.

Favorite Sport to Watch?
[ts] None, I think?
[js] Hockey.

One Nice Thing About The Person Who Sent This To You
[js] Very disciplined and detailed, qualities I admire very much.

What’s Under Your Bed?
[js] Nothing. I don't like there to be an under under my bed.

Would You Like to Be Born As Yourself Again?
[js] Yeah, sure.

Morning Person or Night Owl?
[ts] What are mornings?

Over Easy or Sunny Side Up?
[js] Sunny side up.
[ts] I don't actually know what "over-easy" is.

Favorite Place to Relax?
[js] Home!
[ts] While wearing home clothes, of course. Ha.

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?
[js] This is a trick question, isn't it? ;)
[ts] A good French custard-based vanilla ice cream. Or, chocolate. Hazelnut. Black Sesame. Japanese green tea. And my own creation: Jasmine green tea. ;)

Of All the People You Have Tagged, Who Is the Most Likely to Respond First?
[ts] We'll see!

We tag:
feeding maybelle
Under the Tamarind Trees
Kits Chow
Eating Out Loud

The rules:
If you get tagged, answer the questions in your blog, then tag 4 or 5 other food bloggers by listing their blogs on your own blog, then commenting on their blog to let them know they've been tagged! Be sure and let everybody know who tagged you.


  1. Love the side-by-side answers.
    Never heard of a homegrown Monopoly type game. Haha.

  2. AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! All those questions!!!! ;)

  3. You guys should watch Tropic Thunder. It's hilarious!

  4. I still dunno what a meme means to this day, hehe :D

  5. Great answers - and it was fun to get to know you better!

  6. jude:
    We still have it. Problem is, only a select few are willing or able to play it with us, what with all the rules and all. Plus, it takes the whole day to play it. =D

    tom aarons:
    Haha, to torture you!

    I have it zipped! ( Don't get to the movie theatres much anymore.

    Me neither!

    The pleasure was ours. ;) Who doesn't like to talk about themselves?!

    Thanks for the heads up. I actually don't know anything much about Paolo Coelho; just happened to pick up the book because it sounded interesting. =)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Thanks for the tag - I've posted my reply to your meme!

  9. Thanks for the tag. I'll be posting tomorrow. The Monopoly game sounds quite idiosyncratic.


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