Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Random Facts Meme from Kian

Kian from Red Cook tagged us. What he said in his post, ditto!

Our Six Random Things
JS still uses her childhood blanket called "Blue-y" (because it was sky blue in color). Or is it B-louie? B-louis?

I have a corresponding red one, and my brother, an orange. JS is the only one who named hers. We have had these for, oh, about 24 years (can't remember). Actually, all three of us still use these blankets. Hers has most wear. It is merely threads hanging on to each other. And it's not at all blue anymore, sky or otherwise.

Our mother (aka "Mama" of cilantro beef, black pepper regime, giniling and fish head soup fame) once procured a replacement for Blue-y, specifying the brand of blanket and describing it in detail to her partner-in-crime in the Philippines. She even asked that the blanket be sky blue.

When the blanket arrived, it was blue-green! It is now sometimes referred to as "blue-greeny". However, JS does not think it worthy enough to use.

I get a headache when I play Pictionary. This is, of course, from getting overly excited while playing and shouting out my guesses. Yes, I also kind of lose my voice.

JS was a vegetarian for a year. She finally converted back when, at a Japanese restaurant, she was forced to order onigiri (Japanese rice balls) as an accompaniment (ulam, sometimes translated as viand) to her rice!

I bruise easily. NOT A METAPHOR!

I once got a bruise on my hip bone because I was carrying a stick of Chapstick in my pants pocket.

I once had a big bruise that looked like an orchid (all lime green-y with purplish dots in the right places). It was very pretty.

JS has had plastic surgery.

Sure, sure, it was supposedly for actual "medical" reasons. (Her lower eyelashes were irritating her eyes, so they had to turn the eyelashes outward a bit.)

I am an advocate of home clothes. Home clothes are the best!

(You know, home clothes! Clothes you wear at home. Not to be confused with pyjamas/sleepwear.)

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  1. Hee! Home clothes! I wear those, too! Mostly sundresses in the summer and yoga pants in the winter. lol

  2. Can you show us a picture of your home clothes and JS' blue blanket?

  3. Home clothes? I was like "what in the heck are those?" But you know, I have tons of home clothes now that you mentioned it - I just didn't know what to call them!


  4. lol, oh my now i need to come up with 6 random things, that shouldn't be hard right?

  5. You guys make me giggle. I love home clothes too and am constantly searching for new things even though I don't wear half the things I already own.

  6. I love home clothes and pictionary!

  7. yaa, i always love reading memes, makes me feel closer to the person/s behind the blog. thanks for the tag..but i think i already made a post on this meme..
    here's the link

  8. thanks for thinking of me :-)

    btw, i already send your gift i hope you'll receive them on time..just to tell that i forgot to slide in the bunch of thymes from my garden :-) sorry but you'll have the lavander and rosemary :-) kisses

  9. What a cute post ... Ah I see ts is having fun poking fun at js here :p {js, get back at ts!! ... hee just kidding} ^^

  10. Home cloths are the best. Thanks for the tag.

  11. BWAHAHAHAHAHA, BWAHAHAHAHA... [evil laugh]

    That is my diabolical plan all along -- to make everyone wear home clothes!

    Oooh! We can't wait! Thanks, thanks and thanks again. =)

    I'm not poking fun at JS.
    BWAHAHAHAHAHA. [more evil laughing]

  12. What's your definition of home clothes? Home clothes for me are well-worn t-shirts, so they are already super-soft (from wear and tear) and shorts. :) Hot weather here...

  13. ning:
    Yup, same here! *MY* home clothes are always t-shirt and shorts. Even in winter. And it has to be those comfortable shorts from the Philippines -- the purontong ones, with garter/elastic waist. ;D

  14. LOL! My brother had a blankie called "Geelie" (Afrikaans for "Yellowy") that he slept with for years and years. Even today, if you ask him where it is, he assures you that he knows EXACTLY where it is, and he's not showing you in case you mean it harm!

    And let's hear it for home clothes. I have a whole wardrobe that never venure beyond my boundary wall :)

  15. Oh my, I'm sorry I forgot all about this. Thank you for thinking of me. I did a 5 random facts about myself a little while back on my blog. If you dare to look at my archives... some people went down that road and never came back. :-P

    My fav' piece of home clothes is my Supermario boxers with Mario dressed as a doctor with Dr Love written in red letters. I know... :-)


  16. jeanne:
    Geely! LOL.

    That Mario!

    I will go through your archives... it's not gonna be easy! =P


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