Friday, September 05, 2008

Five-Grain Rice with Condensed Milk

This is what happens when it's midnight-ish and you want to eat something and you have leftovers from making pork skewers with ginger-guava jam and five-grain rice and soy pudding parfait with orange-ginger syrup and "streusel brittle" and you happen to have a miniscule Tupperware container of condensed milk in the refrigerator for some reason and you're too lazy to do anything more involved than pouring condensed milk over five-grain rice and grabbing some "brittle" but still had the presence of mind to grab the camera and take a picture in the sort-of dark.

It was good.

(Fun time-waster:
How many times does "and" appear in that sentence?)


  1. 9! ha ha ha! Amusing! I counted only once so I might be wrong!

  2. I've eaten condensed milk on toast. Condensed milk on rice is a new one. Looks good.

  3. the real question is was it good?

  4. Reminds me of the cereal my mom used to make for us when we were sick... it was really good, but she'd never make it when we were well :)

  5. ning:
    I *think* that's correct. Haha. But do you know of that psychological "quiz" where one had to count the numer of Fs in the sentence? Maybe this is like that. ;)

    You doubt! Hahaha. It's actually like a lot of Asian desserts, since the five-grain rice had black glutinous rice in it. Think of it as a rice pudding of sorts. =)

    Teehee. I guess it was a "special" treat.

  6. I counted 8...but I could be wrong. Um, condensed milk on everything is good.

  7. I love the thick consistency of sweetened condensed milk. Are you sure it was just "good" and not "great"? :)

  8. LOL - the things we eat late at night... I haven't had a tin of sweetened condensed milk in ages and I love it so :(

  9. Ah, the joys and wonder of condensed milk. It's a childhood thing. =)

    I like it on everything. ;) Also on those Chinese steamed-then-fried buns.

    Go get some condensed milk right now and eat it with a spoon! ;D


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