Monday, August 11, 2008

Soup, Soup, Soup

We realized that we posted not one, not two, but THREE soups last week. A little too soupy, eh?

But then, we were thinking, three soups in one week is not bad at all, considering that sometimes, although not in recent memory, our mother makes THREE SOUPS FOR ONE MEAL!

Yes, for one meal.

For that memorable night, I remember there was sinigang with pork bone (ma-kut), a chicken soup with bola-bola (fish balls), and a ma-kut (pork bone) soup with daikon radish.

And she did not find that at all strange.

Foolishly, I tried to point out how strange having three soups for one meal was. I got an earful from our mother.

Okay, okay, okay, I might have done it in a slightly complaining manner, because I'm not that big of a soup person. I mean, I like soup, but I like it even better if it is the soup part of the meal and not the main event.

Okay, okay, okay, I may be a tad picky and harder to please. (But really, I'm not.)

(whispers) She is.

In the case of the 3-soup meal, I wonder which would be the first course, second course, and the third course.

That should be an essay question in a university exam.

So here's to Mama and all the soups we've loved before!

Chicken Tortilla Soup
Ma-Kut (Pork Bone) Soup
Bulalo, JS version
Bulalo, LSC version
Mama's Fish Head Soup
Blueberry Soup with Mascarpone and Tarragon
Mushroom Soup
Hainan Chicken (Yes, it comes with its own soup!)


  1. I think I might get an earful from your mother too... I'm not super-fond of soup! Once a week is enough for me! ('Sides, it's always too hot in my book...)

  2. Yay soups! I love soups. And yours always look delicious! :)

  3. Soup! OMG I want to be at your mama's table and have 3 courses of soups. Sheeeesh, that is probably my favorite thing ever. Well, soup or mashed's a toss up. lol

  4. Mmm - sounds like my mom with a variety of "soups" at the table! Our absolutely favorite soup is Sinigang Baboy!

  5. I am always up for a cup or bowl of soup, especially in the hot weather. I know that sounds wierd.

  6. Three soups in one meal? Wow. Does your stomach slosh around after you eat?

  7. blueberry marscarpone with tarragon - i'd forgotten

    how lovely does that sound?

    but really they all sound wonderful. soup is comfort food and well, soup is anything and everything...

  8. We eat a lot of soups too but almost only in the fall & winter. Matt actually said the other hot August day that he wished it was winter so we could have a good soup.

  9. I like soup too. When I was a young boy living in Binondo, whenever we eat at Lido Restaurant we always order their Nido soup. That was good..


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