Friday, February 15, 2008

Hainan Chicken

When we still had a meal plan (note the past tense, hehe), there was actually one meal where, for some reason, I was not too lazy to get the camera and take some pictures.

Day #2 of Week #5 of our MEAL PLAN: Hainan Chicken
(September 2007)

Hainan Chicken with its soup
Hainan Rice made with "Jade Bamboo" rice & coconut oil
Green Onion-Ginger sauce

Rubbed the chicken with shaoxing wine and salt. Poached the chicken in water and some stuff (onions, cilantro, other good stuff). Made a soup with the resulting chicken broth by adding minced onions, diced tomatoes and cucumbers.

Made "Hainan Rice" by cooking rice in the broth and some coconut oil. (The rice is a "Jade Bamboo" Rice, whatever that means. It was just a nice green color so we bought it.)

Green onion-ginger sauce: Infused veg oil with grated ginger. Added green onion and salt.

Here's another shot of the dish:

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