Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Stuffed Squid

Among perhaps a multitude of tasks we consider a form of "martyrization" is stuffing itsy-bitsy teeny weeny items. Stuffing squid definitely falls under this category.

JS has been harassing me to stuff squid for the longest time. Finally, I relented! (She'll just keep repeating and repeating her request.)

Making the stuffing was easy enough: it had ricotta, Parmiggiano-Reggiano, parsley, anchovies, garlic and hazelnuts.

Now to act the martyr.

I tried stuffing one with a teaspoon -- I heard someone say that he found it easier than using a piping bag -- but that was a joke. Piping bag it must be! Or, in my case, a Ziploc bag with an end cut off.

It was definitely easier than using a teaspoon, but still not a picnic. The opening of the squid body is tapered! So I finally decided to cut a bit off the opening to widen the hole.

The mess, MYGOD, the mess!

Finally, they were all stuffed and toothpicked. JS made the most heavenly-smelling tomato sauce. We lined them up in the sauce and baked. They were in the oven for about 30 minutes or so.

They were good. I was a little distracted by the hazelnuts. I thought the texture contrast between the ricotta filling and squid were nice enough on their own; of course, it may be because the hazelnuts were a tad "over-roasted" that I didn't like them.

However, I still thought the highlight was the tomato sauce. JS, do you even remember what version of tomato sauce you made? It was anchovy-y, wasn't it?

Stuffed recipes:
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  1. Wow! Another version of stuffed squid! I like the idea of cheese and herb stuffing better than our regular ground pork stuffing here. Thanks for the wonderful idea!

  2. Sarap naman. Those squid look so plump and yummy. I do ground pork stuffing too with squid but I should try your "Western" style stuffing. Hmmm, maybe we can have the tomato sauce in another post? :)

  3. You are way more adventuresome than me, as I couldn't eat nor touch squid. That being said, I am impressed and the dish looks wonderful. Bravo!

  4. WOW - lovely! I have never cooked squid before, probably b/c my hubby doesn't like it - but this is so impressive!

  5. Oh my, that mess is why I don't stuff little bitty things... but they look great. Hazelnuts always remind me of chocolate, I can't cook with them in anything else!!

  6. I remember when I was on holiday in newfoundland and went "squid jigging". I caught about 20:D

  7. This sounds wonderful but I'm just sitting here cracking up at the pictures of you stuffing the squid & all the mess. It just makes me happy to know that I'm not the only one who's kitchen looks like that when they cook!

  8. Um, looks great - but I'll stuff something other than squid...hazelnuts? Hmmm - interesting.


  9. That looks amazing ladies! And please! The tomato sauce recipe! My husband loves the anchovy-tomato pairing as much as I hate it, and I'm sure he'd love it.

  10. I knew I should have picked up some fresh squid at the market the other day! They were on sale and I didn't think of what to do with them on the fly so I passed them up. Now I know I'll have to pick some up soon!

  11. Even though it was a pain to stuff these, they look great! I have been dreaming of stuffed squid since I went to Greece last year.

  12. Oh heavens woman! Why do you torture me so? I am a squid junkie and stuffed is one of my favourite ways to have it. Unfortunately it is overpriced here in Barbados being imported and frozen!

  13. I tried to clean squid once and I couldn't finish. I kept gagging. It was such a shame because I love squid. I just can't prepare it myself.

  14. Love stuff squid. I usually do something like rice but this definitely sounds a lot richer! Mmm stuffed with hazelnuts.

  15. Huh! I would have never thought of stuffing them with ricotta in tomato sauce. I've only had VNese stuffed squid, with pork and braised. Oh, man, I haven't had that in years. Wonder if I can talk my mom into making some when I come home next?

  16. wow cheese and herb stuffing! stuff me up with it pleaseeeee ^_^

    and bring on the anchovy-y sauce

  17. Oh my oh my! I love stuffed squid but never had this kind of stuffing, usually i eat them with rice inside. They're great but I can't wait to try this way! Lovely!

  18. Bless you for doing all that work! I've been lazy recently... love anchovy sauces!

  19. WOW, that looks a little ambitious for me but good for you! It certainly looks delicious. The hazelnuts are a really interesting addition. I bet if they were slightly less toasted it would be great.

  20. That looks like a great way to enjoy some squid!

  21. ning, joseph, w-ing chopsticks:
    You mention a ground pork stuffing; I guess this is Chinese/Asian? I don't think we've ever had those! (Or seen them!) I think you guys need to make a post about it. ;)

    No! Squid is so good! Even fried up as friend calamari?

    Caviar and Codfish:
    Maybe next time we'll do pinenuts instead.

    Bellini Valli:
    Oh, how does one catch squid? I remember clam digging.

    Haha. I know I could've wiped up my hands periodically. But I just wanted to get it all finished and over with! =D

    Oh? There's no squid there? I'm a little surprised!

    Sometimes it's a drag to do all the cleaning. What gets to you... is it their little beady eyes? Thoise sacs of whatnot in their heads or bodies? Teehee...

    You should get them all cleaned, then all you have to do is put them in the pan!

    We're lazy always. This was an anomaly. =)

  22. What a great way to cook squid. Its fabulous. Can I move in with you guys, you eat so well!


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