Sunday, August 17, 2008

"Leftovers" (August 2008)

As with all households, leftovers are inevitable.

Here are our "leftovers" -- items that never did make their way into full-fledged posts.

Roast Brussel Sprouts

Famous Foods Supermarket
They have a wide array of different spices/herbs. There are quite a number of unknown or "strange" ones there!

Walnut Lemon Pound Cake
We tested this recipe from Steamy Kitchen's upcoming cookbook!

Zebra Cake, as seen on Farida's site

And finally, some more dishes from our Canada Day potluck BBQ.

Roast Vegetables

Chicken Wings

Until the next time...


  1. Oh my gosh, everything looks fantastic! Nice leftovers!

  2. The roasted vegetables look really good. Nice caramelization. They are yummy I bet.

  3. I just saw the first brussel sprouts at the farmer's market here & I'm so ready to start roasting those babies up!

  4. Thank you for baking my zebra cake. I am flattered:) The cake and the rest of the goodies look so good!

  5. Mmm .. you've made my mouth water for cake and brussel sprouts at the same time!

  6. You guys know how to do leftovers right. :)

  7. BTW, if you have real leftovers you'd want to get rid of, you know who to call. :-)

  8. Are you sure they are leftovers? They look so good! What herbs did you use for you chicken wings?

  9. i love leftovers! they are windows of new possibilities hehehe

    wowwww look at that zebra cake! impressive!

  10. what night is left over night? Am I invited?
    Impressive improvisation, for sure! I'm on the fence about brussel sprouts, but yours look downright tasty.

  11. I'm totally inspired by both the brussels sprouts and the chicken wings! Thank you for the ideas!

  12. Both cakes look great! Great spread of leftovers!

  13. That zebra cake looks sooo cool!

  14. Wow, your leftovers look fantastic. What a great idea to just post pictures of things that you didn't get a chance to post about. Mind if I steal it?

  15. hee they are one of the best looking food leftovers I've seen ;)

  16. farida:
    The cake looked too amazing not to give a try! Plus, the encouragement of it being "easy" to make. =)

    Haha, for sure, for sure.

    No problemo! It'll be kinda fun to see what different people have as "leftover" photos! =)

  17. The walnut pound cake looks so moist1 And the zebra cake is something I have my eyes on. It looks really nice.


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