Thursday, August 14, 2008

Richmond Country Farms Market

"To market, to market, to buy a fat pig.
Home again, home again. Jiggedy-jig."

I've seen the To Market, To Market blog event, but I've never thought of participating because, frankly, going to most of the farmer's markets here isn't that exciting for me. The few scattered around Vancouver range from small to smaller, and the range of produce (and other products available) is not large. I actually say sometimes, "I want to spend money but I can't find anything to buy!"

I joke that I want to go to Vancouver farmer's markets to pick up money. Since most vendors only take cash, a lot of people drop coins without knowing (or maybe most people just don't care about dropped coins). I once picked up $4, which is enough to buy me a couple of bunches of greens.

Also, I keep seeing our mayor, Sam Sullivan, at the Trout Lake Farmer's Market. I must have seen him twice already.

It's been quite a long time since we went to Trout Lake. TS is quite right and there is a boredom factor, because most of the produce vendors usually sell the same stuff. And I have no interest in the craft-y items for sale.

Then, one day, we were in the area near Richmond Country Farms. We've been here before, of course, but that was last summer. This is where we bought massive quantities of fresh corn. Seeing the sign, we were reminded of those fantastic corn from last summer. In we went.

They had very large hand-painted signs that were too cute: a Giant Corn sign, all smiles (literally; they drew and painted a corn "character" with a huge smile) and a Strawberry, smiling and saying "I'm back!". Teehee. Unfortunately, these signs were visible from the road and I couldn't take a picture of them from the car.

This market is huge! Not only do they have a lot of variety of produce, they also have available large amounts of most of them. So, instead of the usual "boredom", going here is very exciting! =)

And I'm guessing -- I somehow believe that this farm is family-owned and operated. Which is a big plus in my book.

Here are some shots of different parts of the outdoor section of the market. (They also have a indoors section with more produce.)

They even have a nursery or plants section.

They indicate whether the produce is their own ("Our Own Corn", for example), local, or from elsewhere. I try to get "their own" and local produce. Here are some of the market's offering.

Below: different kinds of eggplants and squashes, long beans, Indian karela (what is this?), longans, lychees, ...

An herb "cart".

A random selection of products include bins and bins (plural) of cauliflower and humongous tomatoes. (Finally, some green tomatoes!) Garlic, too.

Speaking of humongous, look at this Taiwan cabbage (local, by the way). It's huge! It's wider than JS!

Of course, they had the usual array of berries. Pur-ty!

But, for me, at least, the main attraction is the corn!

When these photographs were taken, they had Sheba corn. The latest time we went (yesterday), they had "Peaches and Cream" (bi-color) corn, and they were 2 for $1.

They have 3 "truck-loads" (or whatever these are called) of corn. You shuck your own. They have big bins for the husks and silks.

Look here! This is dedication! This pair climbed INTO the "truck" and started choosing corn from within! This is them caught in the act. Later on, I saw that they had at least three shopping carts full of corn! I wonder what they're using it for.

Shuck, shuck.

During today's trip, I saw a couple of elderly Asian ladies picking out corn silk from the bins of discarded husks and silks. I was a bit puzzled. Then, when I was shucking some corn, I saw another woman who was also shucking corn save the "clean" silks . I finally asked her what she used the silks for. She said the silks make the "broth" sweeter; that is, the water used to boil the corn. Ah! So those two elderly woman were basically getting free ingredients for making corn broth! Clever, they. =)

Corn. How I love thee.

The only thing I wish for is we have more of these farm markets around, growing a variety of produce. I hope Richmond Country Farm Market stays around for a long time.

And I would be happy, happy indeed if they started growing the green, leafy vegetables that the Chinese supermarkets always carry, e.g. yu choy, sher li hon (isn't that such a flirty name for a vegetable?), chrysanthemum leaves, and pepper leaves for our tinola.


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  1. I love farm market!!What a XXL tomato and cabbage you have there!!oh!! hop over my kitchen to collect your award!!

  2. goshhh if only they have that "herb cart" in hong kong markets....T_T

    I am dying from lack of fresh herbs! Helppppp

  3. Wow, that looks like such a fabulous spot!!!

  4. OH wow, I don't think I've ever been to a real market before. Take me with you next time, will you?


  5. Oh my gosh - the market looks AMAZING!!! We don't have anything like that around here - I'm totally green with envy. :)

  6. What a great looking market. I bet the people buying tons of corn were either cooking it for a big event like a church supper or freezing it for the winter

  7. i love that herb cart. it's so hard to find fresh herbs at our farmers market!

  8. that place looks like heaven on earth. man, i wish i had access to something like that! i'd fill my car up and then come back for more. :)

  9. Yeah, rediscovering this place again this summer was so exciting! So many things!!

    Thanks a bunch! We're going to get to posting about it real soon! Thanks again!

    Hehe, you should plant your own herbs! =D

  10. ZOMG, I have never seen such a HUGE cabbage!

  11. OMG look at the size of that tomato - and that cabbage!! I went to an organic market in Bath last weekend - always such a treat. Note to self - must blog it before I forget about it!!

  12. Ahhh yes, farmer's markets do indeed add to the pleasure of life.

    Your pictures are wonderful.

  13. I'm sooo jealous of your market! We have one here in RI that I blog about too, but it's no where near as big as yours! Great pictures too!

  14. I just discovered your blog, hence the late reply to this posting. Richmond Country Farms is fantastic - my favourite market by bar!

    I actually used to come here as a young elementary school student in the early 80's on Halloween field trips. In October they have a massive pumpkin patch and take classes out on hay wagon rides to select their pumpkins.

    That whole part of the Fraser delta is fantastic for farmers market - there are a few along Steveston Hwy further west into Richmond, and a few in Ladner (especially on Westham Island) too. But this one, as far as I'm concerned, takes the cake! :)

  15. Rasa Malaysia:
    LOL. Yeah. It was gigantormous.


    Thanks for the feedback! =)


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