Thursday, August 21, 2008

Char Siew Sandwiches à la "Singapore Noodles"

When we made sesame seed buns, we had to think of a way to use them up. We thought to use char siew (tsa shyo in Fukien/Hokkien) -- that is, HK BBQ Pork -- as the filling.

Now, that got my brain working: what accompaniments should go with a char siew sandwich?! I thought of the different applications for char siew. Well, actually, besides eating them as is with rice (of course), the only dish I could easily think of that uses char siew, besides Yang Chow Fried Rice, is Singapore Noodles.

I decided to make, and name this dish, Char Siew Sandwiches à la "Singapore Noodles"! ;)

The name is perhaps a little deceptive as there are no noodles in the sandwich. I simply stir-fried some Singapore Noodle-esque ingredients with Singapore Noodle-esque flavors.

I started with garlic and ginger, then added sliced onions and red bell peppers. To season, I added curry powder (of course), soy sauce, shao xing wine and a little sugar and sesame oil. The egg went in next, then I finished with green onions, bean sprouts and cilantro.

To make the sandwich extra tasty, I "toasted" the buns in a little butter. =) I used the same pan; those buns might as well pick up more of the stir-fry flavors.

To assemble: a layer of char siew on the bottom and a mound of the stir-fry on top.

Oh, in all the Singapore Noodle excitement, I failed to mention that we bought, not made, the char siew.

The day I wanted to make the sandwich, JS went to two char siew places but they were both closed! Coming home, she tried to convince me to change my sandwich concept. I refused! I fought for my idea! =) We had to postpone making the sandwich until the next day.

This was so good! The char siew went perfectly with its Singapore Noodle-esque accompaniment! (Well, of course it would! The two components already go well together in their Singapore Noodles incarnation.) As for the sesame seed bun, it was buttery and slightly sweet, making it the perfect vehicle for my sandwich.

We're submitting this to Snackshots #6: Sandwiches, hosted by Michelle of Greedy Gourmet.

We're not really sandwich people, so I'm a little bit surprised that we actually have something to contribute to this theme!


  1. char siew sandwich! wowww that's pure genius!!!

    i don't eat sandwiches a lot...but let me think of something to submit hehe

  2. Another good sandwich application of char siew is with the steamed rice cake pak tong khou.

    Put some char siew slices on top of pak-tong-khou. Drizzle with the sweet sauce of char shiew and eat like an open faced sandwich. Yummy!!

    Here's a picture of pak-tong-khou.

  3. Oh goodness, that is lethal. I just had a sad burger yesterday. I want me some buttery Singaporean barbecued pork sandwiched now. Would the Singaporean noodles be, er, hokien mee? Sorry, I'm not too well-versed in these dishes yet!

  4. Yummeee! My grandma also toasts our bread in pan, and I thought we are the only ones who do that. :)

  5. I was planning to make Singapore noodles in the next week, now I've got a way to use up the leftovers!

  6. Wow, that looks amazingly delicious! If it weren't 7:00 a.m., I'd want one right now! But I'm just on my morning coffee.

    Really, though, those look oh so good!

  7. Looking pretty good and I love the fact that you toasted the buns right in the same pan for extra flavor!


  8. I'm not a huge sandwich person either but I'd be the first in line for this sandwich, fighting off my husband who would be clamoring for these too! (sending him the link now)

  9. wow, my husband would go crazy for this sandwich!

  10. Cool, something I have not had. I will try this one for sure. I wish I could find more time and burn more calories so I could eat more food!

  11. woah~ noodles in sandwiches ... a really great idea!

    I'm a Singaporean but I've yet to sample Singapore noodles before... I have resisted the urge thus far to try it out... maybe I'll try it one day heee

    btw, I have a little surprise for you at my blog ;)

  12. this looks delicious and I am not a sandwich person either.

  13. Ohhhh that looks so good! What a great sandwich.

  14. Wow. This is an absolutely brilliant idea. It verges on being the tastiest looking thing I have ever seen on the internet!

    I'm just scrolling up and down pointing at my screen saying aaaagghghgh... and drooling out of the corner of my mouth. :)

  15. OMG! I love char siew! The idea of eating it as a sandwich is (echoing Tom Aarons) absolutely brilliant!!

  16. Love the creativity in your posts, which is why you're getting tagged.
    Come over to my blog when you guys have a chance. Look for the 2 beer bottles :)

  17. char siew noodles sandwich!! I want some!! look delicious but never have it yet!

  18. that first photo is killing me :-) you know the last time my hubby and i made are char siew pork we screwed up LOL, i guess i just have to be contented eating yours virtually

  19. Hey this is nice, I've never heard of it before but it looks and sounds delicious.

  20. So creative and I'm sure, very delicious! Great job!

  21. Hi, I've tagged you for a Random Facts meme. See more information here.

  22. Now that's a sandwich! Napkins, please?

  23. wow... I'd pay good money for that! looks yummy!

  24. Hey! I've been making cha siu sandwiches since I was a little girl! However, I never thought to put a Singapore twist to it! Way to go! I just put slices of cha siu between any bread slathered with mayo! It's sooooo good! BBQ duck is good like this too! but I usually add green onions and hoisin sauce to it as well...mmmm

  25. This is my kind of sandwich, yummeee!:)

  26. rita:
    Yeah, sandwiches are not the usual meal here as well. =)

    oh! I don't think I've ever had pak-tong-khou!

    Oh yeah, I don't know id "Singapore Noodles" is a normal menu item in the Philippines. The noodles is vermicelli.

    Haha... I can't eat right after waking up myself. I think my jaw muscles are still asleep.

    jessica / kat said:
    What's with the husband-love for this sandwich? ;D

    Oh yeah, "Singapore noodles" aren't from Singapore at all! Teehee. I think more Hong Kong-Chinese. Tasty, though. =)

    Thanks for the award!
    Tom Aarons:
    Wow! That's what we like to hear!

    We're getting to the meme pretty soon. =)

    We're posting that soon!

    I'll be all over the char siew + mayo combo. I love mayonnaise!


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