Thursday, August 07, 2008

Pancakes! [by csc]

This post has been waiting in the wings long enough. So, without further delay, in her own breathless way, here's our guest blogger -- CSC -- and her comedy of pancakes, in four parts.

There were very few weekend mornings when I get a jolt of energy and decide to make pancakes for breakfast!

The First Time
The first time I made it, I wanted SOOOOO badly to use our new “gadget”, the food processor.

So, even though the recipe says to use a wooden spoon (I was using Michael Smith’s cookbook), I JUST HAD TO USE THE FOOD PROCESSOR. Because! The food processor’s instruction manual said that I can use it for pancake batter!!

Of course, the batter turned out really tough pancakes that took forever to cook. I just gave up!

Nothing wrong with Michael Smith’s recipe, though. In fact, his cookbook is the ONE true cookbook that gave me confidence.

(His recipes are very simple to follow. His language is clear. He tells you how to move away from being tied to a "recipe" by using proportions. He gives different ways on how you can use variations on his recipes. On his show, the main theme is how to cook "without a recipe.")

His book made me hopeful that I, too, could become a good cook.

Well, perhaps not like JS/TS. But you know, cook something from scratch and not just heat up pork and beans and tell my son that “We’re cooking!”

The Second and Third Time
So back to the pancakes.

The second time I made this, I used Joy of Cooking. Turned out pretty good. For some of the pancakes in that batch, I added blueberries and -- because they were the kids' favorite -- some chocolate chips. Of course, they just picked out the chocolate chips!

There was another time where I was "inspired" to add chooped apples to the batter. After cooking one pancake and tasting it, I thought:

“UGH!! This is salty!”

Then, in my little inexperienced cook’s head, I thought that maybe if I put bananas in it, that would fix it. So I put in bananas. And still it was salty!

Of course, that’s when I realized that our unmarked containers of iodized salt and sugar were right beside each other. And well... everything went straight to the garbage!

The Fourth Time
The latest pancake recipe that I tried, which got quite a good review (JS: “So fluffy!!!”), was the America's Test Kitchenrecipe.

Their tip about putting the cooked pancakes in an oven at 200 degrees, though… I guess it meant only for a little while…. Because I left the pancakes in there as I cooked the rest of the batter, and the first few batches got tough!! So I had to throw out a few “perfect-looking-but-tough-to-eat” pancakes!

Who would have thought pancakes could be so “tough”??!!

And so concludes my comedy of pancakes.

'Til we meet again!
(It will be the next time I have "energy". In other words, it will be a while.)

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  1. LOL - this was funny. I'll just go to my local pancake eatery instead. Pancakes are one of those things I don't mess around with - lol.


  2. That is a comedy of errors but I hope you had fun. They actually look amazing!

    I can't imagine what salty pancakes taste like!

  3. Ugh salt instead of sugar! lol....I still love just the basic bisquick pancakes

  4. i have to say, those are some of the fluffiest, prettiest pancakes these two eyes have ever seen. frankly, i could eat a whole batch. :)

  5. Good story. I'll have to try the Joy of Cooking with blueberries and real cream.

  6. This is funny, especially the adding-salt-instead-of-sugar part :D The photo still looks drool-ilious nevertheless ... hope you'll be 5th time lucky! ;)

  7. Shame about the wasted pancakes, but I have to be a little happy that the America's Test Kitchen ones sucked. Take that, Kimball! That's what we think of your tested 100 times recipe!

  8. Funny post, thanks.

    Just tryin' to help, but coincidentally, I just posted on my blog Buttermilk Pancakes, maybe you'll give it a look.


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