Friday, December 12, 2008

Preserved Lemons

Ever since I discovered Moroccan cuisine, I've been fascinated by preserved lemons. It seems a ubiquitous ingredient in Moroccan dishes and I can't wait to try a dish with these lemons in it.

We saw a Food Safari episode where the woman just kept stuffing lemons into a jar and salting the lemons. I couldn't quite believe that it was as easy as that. I was skeptical and also afraid of the process.

Then I saw a post on Tony Tahhan's blog on how to make preserved lemons and I figure that we should give it a try.

Plus, I bought all these pretty Mason jars and have to put them to good use.

I went out and bought the smallest lemons I could get my hands on for my preserved lemons.

Then it was just as that woman on the show did.

Stuff lemon into jar and salt, salt, and salt.

And wait.

Wait, wait, wait until the water turns clear.


Hmm, guesses on what we used these preserved lemons in?
Find out here.

Preserved Lemons how-to on Tony Tahhan.

Moroccan dishes at [eatingclub] vancouver:
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Preserved Lemons
Moroccan Chicken Tagine

Food Safari website
Food Safari: Moroccan

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Thai: Waterfall Beef Salad
Lebanese: Tarator-style Sauce
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Moroccan: Preserved Lemons
Moroccan: Chicken Tagine


  1. Oooh - the next time I have excess lemons/limes on hand I'll have to try this!!

  2. Oh, I LOVE preserved lemons... had no idea it was really that easy!

  3. I never made preserved lemons before. You did a great job.

  4. Good way to "get rid" of lemons since they don't keep fresh juicy forever anyway.

  5. Add sugar and water and you've got VNese salty lemonade. :)

  6. Wow they look awesome! Where did you purchase these jars? I can't seem to find any!

  7. Where did you purchase these jars from? I can't find the anywhere!!

  8. My Lebanese grandmother used to make these... she came from a Lebanese coastal town (Batroun) know for it's lemons and oranges... brings back great memories.

  9. Yes, it looks as if one could do it with the eyes closed... He, he supereasy :D.

    But I can always find fresh lemons, why should I preserve them? Why do Moroccans preserve them also? their climate is similar to ours.
    These are not mean questions: just thinking out loud :D

    They look lovely inside the jar, though ;D

  10. Darn, I was supposed to get lemons from the store today. I wanted to try this too! Keep us posted.

  11. Wandering Chopsticks:
    Hey! We've never had that but that sounds really good! We do love our lemon with salt, actually... OK, will try this! =)

    for who made the stars:
    Oh, I'm not sure where it would be over there... but here, we just find them in our regular supermarket (Safeway). Although, they're not displayed individually; they're sold by the box/case. So perhaps your supermarket has them too but they're just not noticeable on the shelves!

    Do they make preserved oranges too in the same way?

    Haha, no worries, re thinking out loud. I don't actually know. Maybe there's just SOOOOO many lemons! =D

  12. I have never had preserved lemons. I am going to have to try them.

  13. You are so right; they are very easy to make.

    I made a jar about 4 years sat in my fridge for a year, and then I just trashed them :) Maybe I should try again.

  14. I love preserved lemons, I think they really add something nice to Moroccan dishes. Glad I learned how to make them. Plus they would make great gifts.

  15. Kevin:
    Once you make them, a whole world of Moroccan delights will follow! =)

    Haha. I guess one would have to figure out where to use them... the only dish we know to use them is our chicken tagine.

    Manger La Ville:
    There's something inherently pretty about the yellow lemons inside a glass jar. =)


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