Saturday, April 03, 2010

A Tale of Two Dogs: Gray's Papaya & Papaya King (New York, NY)

From watching all those Law&Order episodes with Lenny happily buying hot dogs on the street of New York, JS and I wanted to have the same experience.

Look! There's a stand, with people waiting in line.

NY hot dog

It was a good snack: small and inexpensive. A buck! It was gone in a jiffy.

We decided to go for another New York hot dog experience. We knew it was Papaya something-or-other. So, when we saw Gray's Papaya, we walked right in.

We were a little surprised that the place was totally empty.

But it had kooky signage and all that, so we figured we got the right place.

Since this was just a snack, we ordered one dog to share.

The hot dog was essentially the same as the street dog, but with a crispier skin. It was an average dog, so we couldn't understand what all the fuss was about.

Having "papaya" in the name of the place, we figured we should try their papaya drink.

I was quite surprised when I saw this Papaya Milk-type drink, as it was called papaya "juice" on the menu.

I didn't like the drink at all. It tasted weird.

We thought we had the "Papaya" hot dog covered on this NY trip. Been there, done that.

Then, we came across Papaya King!

Oh! Maybe this was the Papaya King of all the hype, not Gray's Papaya. After all, look at this endorsement:

"The Best Hot Dog in New York." --Julia Child

Although we weren't really hungry, we ordered their dogs. After all, we were already there!

Again, the hot dog was okay, not life-changing or anything. It seems to me that these were merely serviceable hot dogs, good for a bite when hungry and not much more.

This time, the papaya juice was actually a juice.

The drink was slightly better this time around, but I wouldn't order these drinks again. It's just not for me.

OK, now we can say "Been there, done that" to any sort of Papaya-related New York hot dog.

Gray's Papaya
New York, NY's_Papaya
Visited in August 2009

Papaya King
New York, NY
Visited in August 2009

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A Tale of Two Dogs: Gray's Papaya & Papaya King

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  1. I too didn't enjoy the funny papaya drink but the hot dogs sure did hit the spot (helps that they're cheap!).

  2. Gray's Papaya was what Matthew Perry's character missed about NYC when he was in Vegas in "Fools Rush In." Yes, I'm a dork and watch sappy movies and remember that kind of stuff. :P

  3. Haha, maybe you just don't like Papayas :) I quite liked the hot dogs from Gray's, but man were they small! Now, on to Hot Doug's in Chicago! ;)

  4. Su-Lin:
    The cheapness was good. Hehe.

    Wandering Chopsticks:
    Oh, so I guess BOTH are famous, then. I've never seen _Fools Rich In_. Although, I am a sucker for sappy rom-coms too. Hehe.

    I don't know, theirs was weird. Haha. The "papaya milk" at bubble tea places, for example, taste like sweeteened papaya with milk! That Hot Doug's: Man, the line-up! I think I'm getting too old for line-ups. ;) But, in any case, Chicago looks like a good food place to visit!

    Thanks, Christine. =) Belated to you.


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