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DougieDog (March 20, 2010)

As part of our "healthy lifestyle", JS and I went to DougieDog to check out some hot dogs. ;)

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Well, DougieDog has been on our radar ever since we heard about it from Mel of Gourmet Fury.

When we found out that these were higher-quality dogs than what are usually available on the street, we were raring to go.

Of course, with procrastination, of which we are masters, we haven't gone until now.

There it is. I like how that hot dog is putting ketchup on itself while licking its lips.

I had perused the menu prior to going to the location -- in fact, I had perused it quite a few times over a couple of months -- and I knew I wanted to try the Chicago Dog. Although I'm not averse to ketchup in hot dog applications, I wanted to try eating one without ketchup.

Chicago Dog

The Chicago Dog has mustard, onion, tomato, neon green relish, pickle, Chicago sport peppers, celery salt, and a poppy seed bun.

The hot dog was good: it was not overly salty and it did not taste "processed" either. I liked the snap!

Perhaps my Chicago dog could have used a little bit more moisture, as the fresh tomatoes added a welcome juiciness to the hot dog experience. I liked the poppy seed bun as well, as it was very fresh. I was a tad afraid of the "neon green" relish, but it tasted like relish, so all is good.

JS and I also shared a bottle of rootbeer, this Stewart's brand. We liked it as it reminded us of the sarsaparilla flavor from the rootbeers from our childhood, Sarsi.

Stewart's Beverages

Coney Island Dog

From my first perusal of DougieDog's menu online, I knew that I wanted the Coney Island Dog. I mean, it's a chili dog! What's not to love.

And yes, it satisfied my chili dog desires.

I agree with JS, I would have to say that these hot dogs taste very fresh, not usually the adjective used to describe hot dogs. I also like the "snap."

vs. Japa Dog

Japa Dogs, left to right: Okonomi, Terimayo, Oroshi

Just for comparison, we had tried Japa Dog a couple of weeks before, and I felt that the Japa Dog dogs were not that great.

The bratwurst and the hot dogs used for the terimayo series were salty and tasted over-processed. The only real contender among their dogs is the Kurobota pork sausage.

I did like oroshi toppings, although I felt that the radish has been "rinsed" of all their radish-y, pungent flavour. I liked the cabbage topping, but there was too little of it and only in the middle of the hot dog.

I guess a Japa Dog experience is one of those "just gotta try it once and be done with it" experiences as I don't feel the need to return.

(We weren't even going to blog about them, but as JS has brought it up...)

Back to DougieDog...
The owner, Doug, was very friendly and came over to talk to us. He asked if we were bloggers, after catching TS taking the dogs outside for a quick camera shot. I answered "Yes, but we do not usually review restaurants."

I actually just brought along a camera so I could show people what we eat as part of a healthy lifestyle. ;)

I had a very good hot dog, one that I did not regret eating afterwards. This is definitely a place we'll go to for our hot dog cravings in the future.

1011 Granville Street, Vancouver BC Canada

Japa Dog
Vancouver, BC Canada

Our take on a "japa dog"

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  1. Aha! Finally, other NA bloggers who know what Sarsi is! I drank a lot of it when I was a kid too. Good times...

  2. Thanks for the shout out! Yah, I didn't mind their hot dogs. The specialty ones are bit pricey though. Regular dogs are reasonably-priced.

  3. @ET: Sarsi is one of the best rootbeers I had :D hahaha

    @Sherman: I still go for a good old fashioned hotdog with lots of cheese, mustard and mayo! yum!!!

  4. ET:
    I may be deluding myself, but I;m under the impression that Sarsi tastes more "real".

    Yeah, their hot dogs taste "fresh", not like processed food at all.

  5. I won 3 kilos just by watching your pictures!!!! Maybe it's been 4 or 5 years since I ate a hot dog and nothing like the ones you show here. Amazing!!!

  6. I'm not the biggest fan of hot dogs but even I can tell that these were a step up from regular ones. Love the toppings!

  7. Funny I was just talking last night with some friends about how big gourmet hot dogs are right now.

  8. The "snap" on a good hot dog really is key. I love the great dialog here... and I applaud your attempts at "healthy" eating! You're among friends here. :)

  9. Núria:
    All these hot dog concoctions are very North American, I guess. =D

    I think I'll *still* get the chili dog the next time I go there.

    The Vancouver hot dog scene isn't very big, still, though.

    Teehee. It *is* healthy!


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