Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rice to Riches (New York, NY)

Our first NYC post!

We were in New York for a few days in August 2009. And yes, four months later, our first post is ready. ;)

JS and I were actually on our way somewhere else (for pizza, actually) when we walked past the Rice to Riches storefront. Hmm, interesting. So I went in for a closer look.

Rice pudding, you say? I lurve, lurve, LURVE rice pudding. My heart went pitter-patter. I went a little weak in the knees. I couldn't resist; I had to return after having our pizza.

I only have a few pictures of the interior, but they had quite a fun set-up.

It was hard to take pictures as there were always a bunch of people in front of the display.

nifty packaging; the sizes available

They had some pretty nifty containers; custom-made, it seems. These are for eat-in orders. They also had some rice pudding already packaged if one is in a hurry.

"Little Diva" size in ready-to-go containers.

Here's the shot of the display that I sneaked in. As you can see, they had a variety of flavors available: "Category 5" Caramel, Take Me to Tiramisu, Cinnamon Sling, Hazelnut Chocolate Bear Hug, etc.

One could also choose different toppings to add to one's rice pudding: Nudge, Blessings, Cloud 9, Remedy, Mischief, etc.

What are those toppings? The Rice to Riches website has all the answers.

They will ship rice pudding overnight! I wonder if people actually use this service.

Kooky Signage
Bathroom is for Rice to Riches customers only. Violators will be disgraced, tortured, and saavagely beaten. If you survive, you will be shot.

I personally love the signage. It's probably because I agree with them!

Honor the HONOR SYSTEM. Only take how many napkins you need, and NO MORE!!! Store security, God, and Santa ARE WATCHING YOU.

They had an extensive write-up on the "Formula to becoming a Rice to Riches Employee."

My absolute favorite part of it:

"If you've got time to lean, you've got time to clean."

So true.

Oh, what about the rice pudding, you ask?

Sorry about the weirdo lighting. The table was orangely-lit. See how the nifty spoon fits into the nifty bowl? Anyway, I ordered the "solo" size, as JS indicated she didn't want any.

The rice pudding was actually pretty good. Who would've thunk it? The whole lot was creamy, and the texture of the rice was nice. I ordered the plain one ("Old-Fashioned Romance") to really "test" their rice pudding. It wasn't too sweet at all, always a plus, but I think I should've ordered the vanilla instead ("Understanding Vanilla"), just for some flavor. Of course, I think they expect people to add toppings to the plain flavor.

Being rice pudding, it was very filling, and I couldn't finish this "solo" size. (Of course, the half of a large pizza in my stomach could be a factor as well.)

If we were in the area again, I would've definitely returned to get more rice pudding. Perhaps somebody could overnight-ship me some? =)

Their website has pictures of the storefront, the store interior, the packaging, and all sorts of stuff. It also has the list of flavors and toppings. Check it out if you have the time.

Rice to Riches
New York, NY
Visited in August 2009

We ate all the food below -- and more -- in 4 days! Insane. See how: NYC Eating Extravaganza (August 2009)

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Bleecker Street Pizza
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Artichoke Basille's Pizza
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Lombardi's Pizza
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Max Brenner, Chocolate by the Bald Man
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Taïm Falafel and Smoothie Bar
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  1. So I have had to force myself to forget that this place exists. Otherwise I would be there every day! It is absolutely amazing though and I'm so glad you got to experience it. My favorite flavor to date has been the French toast. It is truly out-of-this-world. If you come back to NY you shoudl definitely try some of the other flavors!

  2. Hilarious signage. I saw them on Ellen a while back and loved the clever name. I love rice pudding too.

  3. 4 months later but the timing is still perfect with its looks and feel of summer.

    Happy Holidays to you and the family.

  4. i'mma have them ship to meee haha i love rice to riches!

  5. Joanne:
    Well, I really do hope we can go to NYC once again! I'll definitely try that French Toast flavor.

    Yeah, rice pudding is my weakness. So it's very annoying when I get a bad one!

    Thanks for the well wishes. =)

    Hehe, I was hoping someone would ship them to me! LOL.


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