Sunday, February 07, 2010

New York Burger Co. (New York, NY)

JS and I were minding our own business on the streets of New York when, once again, we were lured by a storefront.

NY Burger Co. seemed to have many favorable write-ups posted on their window, so we went in. Once again, though, it wasn't a good time for full-sized meals. Good thing they had mini burgers!

Their burgers are named after cities. We ordered one mini NY Burger and one mini Chicago burger, plus some onion rings.

The NY Burger was simply a plain burger, while the Chicago one had Cherrywood smoked bacon, cheddar and 1000 island sauce.

left: mini NY Burger; right: mini Chicago Burger

The burgers were not bad at all. The patties were not as juicy as would have liked, but I think it's because they were minis. The buns were a totally different type from Shake Shack's; they had a darker shiny crust.

condiment wall

I didn't realize until we were pretty much halfway through our burgers that they had quite a number of condiments available. Nice touch.

Onion Rings at NY Burger Co.

But, the big winner were the onion rings. Look at them! They were not overly-battered and were just done well.

New York Burger Co.
New York, NY
Visited in August 2009

We ate all the food below -- and more -- in 4 days! Insane. See how: NYC Eating Extravaganza (August 2009)

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  1. When I first saw your burger photo, what I really said in my head was "look at those onion rings!" Amazing.

  2. My life will not be complete until I've had that chipotle honey. ARG H

    I have no idea why those are the toppings on a Chicago burger, heh.

  3. Look at the size of the onion rings compared to the burgers. But I want bigger burgers!

  4. Awwww.... the burgers are cute!

  5. HereBeDragons:
    Yes, those onions rings were good!

    Haha... maybe they know something about Chicago that we don't. =)

    I think the bigger burgers would be better. =D


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