Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lombardi's Pizza (New York, NY)

Another NY pizza experience! Supposedly, Lombardi's serves the "Best on the Planet."

We thought we could just get a slice here at Lombardi's, but it's a sit-down kind of place. Since we already made a special trip to get there, we went ahead and sat down.

It had quite a strange layout, the restaurant. We had to walk all the way to the back, go through the kitchen, then come into the other "wing" of the restaurant to our table. I guess that must be an added-on section to the restaurant.

Lombardi's was quite "fancy" too; at least, "fancier" than I expected. The interior was quite nice and inviting. The waitstaff all had walkie-talkies and headsets too. Front of house was very efficient.

A couple of iced teas while we waited. And finally, the pizza!

Of course, to test their pizza, we opted for the classic Margherita. This was the"small size" -- 14 inches!

The pizza had a very nice crisp crust and was just plain good, overall.

pizza back

Even though it was a bad idea to eat a whole pie (this was neither lunchtime nor dinnertime), we enjoyed it nonetheless.

Lombardi's Pizza
New York, NY
Visited in August 2009

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  1. Hey, I ate there before!! From your picture, it seems like I also sat at the same table too! I think you were in the smaller section of the restaurant where you had to pass through the brick oven.

  2. Ben & Suanne:
    Haha, yeah! I had to go through the kitchen!


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