Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Suvai Restaurant

2279 West 41st Vancouver, Vancouver
Tel: 604-261-4900

(May 4, 2008)
Two reviewers: ts and js

We stopped by at Suvai because we wanted lunch nearby.

I was looking at the menus posted outside and saw they had a Spring Lunch 2008 menu, so that clinched the deal.

But alas!

Only the brunch menu was available! I don't really like "brunch" all that much... nor "breakfast" in restaurants, for that matter. I chose more "lunch" type items.

I ordered a soup because it was a pumpkin (or squash) and PEAR soup. The soup was very nice, but I didn't really taste the pear. Oh well.

Next was a mushroom, leek, squash strudel. I forget the sauces on the plate. Tasty.

Overall, the execution was good and the dish worked.

left: mushroom, leek & squash strudel, detail; right: smoked herring

I had the smoked herring and scrambled eggs. It was a well-executed dish. I quite enjoyed the dish, although I don't think it's a dish I'll ever order again. Strange, eh? It's probably just a dish that's not for me.

A free crème brulée!

Supposedly there was a mix-up with my order; that is, the wrong item was entered so I had to wait a bit for my strudel. Hence, the complimentary dessert.

This was really good. And look at that nice crackly sugar top!

The creme brulee was very good. I don't usually crave creme brulee, but this one made me happy I had one. This one was one of the better versions I've had in a while.

This is good decent fare. We'll try it again for "real" lunch or dinner.

Suvai is a good restaurant, one that I wouldn't be averse to visiting on a regular basis. It's chef-owner-operated, and the dishes that we ordered shows that the chef cares about the food and works hard on giving the diner good value for the money. It's honest, proper food, executed well.

I hope the restaurant stays for a long time and the neighbourhood supports the chef. Sometimes, it frustrates me to see people flocking to chain restaurants with crappy food and not valuing real, honest-to-goodness, proper food, lovingly slaved over by people who actually care about giving the diner good food instead of just making money. Oh well, that's another rant for another day.

Finally, there are more and more choices of restaurants near where we live! Of course, that still won't stop our general indecision and seemingly great difficulty when deciding where to eat.

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