Monday, February 25, 2008

Trout Grenobloise

Look, a post with actual pictures! Ooooh. Teehee.

Two sides of trout were supposed to be cooked on Saturday, along with the test-run Chicken Pot Pie, for TS's and CSC's impromptu party.

Time and other circumstances conspired to nix the trout for Saturday, so it made an appearance today on our dinner table.

Please recall that I've had a spectacular version of Trout Grenobloise at Pied-a-Terre the last time I've been there. I asked TS if she could make the same dish at home.

Et voila. She can and this is the result.

I've actually cooked this for a regular weekday meal before. Of course, we didn't take any pictures then.

This version is more acidic than the Pied-a-Terre version; theirs was much more buttery.

Trout Grenobloise
(brown butter sauce with lemon, capers & croutons)

I made some croutons:
Sliced a baguette and put the slices in the oven (they weren't even single-layer). Almost forgot about them, but took them out of the oven just in time. =)

I zested them, then segmented one and juiced the other.

Parsley: chopped

Capers: stabbed the capers in their narrow jar, hehe. Not necessary, but I thought this would release more caper-y goodness into the sauce.

Trout: I sliced them into fillets and seasoned them. In the pan they go! Their GBD-goodness below:

(GBD = "golden brown & delicious", hehe)

Next, the sauce.

Butter: Look at it foam! Waited until it was brown (not pictured).

Added the lemon zest, segments & juice, the parsley and the capers. Tossed in the croutons.

This is WAY too many croutons for the sauce. It should be more liquid-y than crouton-y. However, we like the croutons. =) Also, we had to use up that whole baguette!

The plated dish (with some mesclun greens):

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