Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ginataang Manok (Chicken in Coconut Milk)

[recipe shared by lsc]
Thanks, lsc!

chicken wings - you can substitute this with any other chicken parts or whole chicken

3 sliced ginger
4 Tbsp vinegar
5 cloves of garlic - you can add more if you want
peppercorn - or ground pepper is fine
pinch of salt
1/3 can coconut cream - if you can't find coconut cream then just use coconut milk
1 can coconut milk
3 chayote - peeled, cubed (take out the seed in the middle) - i suggest to cut this like an apple take out the core and cut into cubes

- heat up some oil
- add ginger
- add chicken, sear
- add water - just barely covering the chicken
- add vinegar, garlic, peppercorn and salt
- do not stir and let it boil (they say when you stir it, it'll taste sour bcuz of the vinegar not cooked yet)
- let it boil till water is half the amount - if you don't want to wait that long for the water to boil out, then just add less water
- add 1/3 coconut cream
- add coconut milk
- stir and let it boil
- once it's boiled, add cubed chayote
- cover and let it simmer till chayote is done
- serve

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