Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dinuguan (Pork Innards in Pork "Chocolate" Sauce)

Filipino recipe by LSC

OK, so it actually means in "blood" sauce. =)

LSC emailed this a while back with fantabulous STEP-BY-STEP photos! Alas, they are no longer available. =(

LSC gave me her images! They're now posted here, woohoo. (as of March 1, 2008)

On to the recipe!
Note: the pictures show the requisite amount/quantity of the ingredients as well.

6 - 8 cloves of garlic - sliced
6 - 8 shallots - minced
2 pork stomachs
1 pork spleen
2 small pint of pork blood
1 lb pork belly
pork bouillon - since i don't have this we used tamarind soup mix instead (if you use this do not add vinegar)
calamansi (or lime/lemon)

1. Boil stomachs, spleen.

(Note: LSC said that she now omits the spleen, as she finds it horrible. Haha.)

2. Cut open stomachs - clean by rubbing calamansi (in this case we use orange and calamansi) and salt - knead stomachs

3. Use knife to clean stomach of slimey layer
4. Once cleaned, put stomach and spleen aside
5. Slice garlic and mince shallots

6. Slice stomach, spleen and pork belly and cut into little strips

7. Put oil in pot
8. Add garlic and shallots

9. Once the garlic and shallots are cooked, add sliced pork stomachs

10. Cover and let it boil
11. Add pepper

12. Let it cook for 15 mins
13. Add water

14. Add salt

15. Cover and let it boil (about an hour or so)

16. Add pork belly

17. Cover and let it boil down

18. Add spleen

19. Add tamarind soup mix (1.5 Tbsp)

20. Add salt (1 tsp.)

21. Add jalapenos - try to place them at the bottom of the pot

22. Cover and let it boil down a little

23. Add pork blood

24. Simmer till pork blood is cooked (dark brown) in about 10 mins


  1. Looks good - where do you get pork's blood in vancouver?

  2. At Asian markets/supermarkets. I'm not sure if T&T Supermarket would have it all the time or just sometimes.


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