Wednesday, February 06, 2008

NWCAV: "Educate Rather than Deceive"

Published: January 24, 2008

Educate Rather than Deceive
by Tony Minicchiello

Re the article/entry: Take that, Jessica Seinfeld (and the rest of you)! Haha... (This is why.)

Note: This is a blog on the Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver site. Check it out! (Either the blog or the actual school, hehe.)

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  1. Most people in North America simply just don't *enjoy* food! They look at lunch or dinner, the cooking and the eating of it, more like a chore that they need to finish rather than an experience to be savoured with family and friends.

    It's food, people, and it's not supposed to be graded on all sorts of different scales. Healthy or not so healthy, nutritious or not? I have to think of my sugar levels and bad cholesterol? Too complicated. All this haggling just makes food too tiring to even think about -- that's why we see the ubiquity of pizza, fast food, and all sorts of processed foods. It really becomes a chore and goes the way of all chores: we'd rather not to do it! We've ceded responsibility for our soul/food to the McDonald's and the Krafts of this world. Such a shame.

    Most foods, when prepared properly, are good and can be liked. Yes, even the hard-to-like foods, the bitter ones. A taste and an appreciation for them can be acquired. Come on -- if people can be "brainwashed" to have an acquired taste for all the crappy music they play on the radio, I find it hard to believe that broccoli rapini can't be liked.

    I would have liked to sit with Tony's grandfather for dinner.


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