Thursday, February 14, 2008

My on-again love affair. . .

. . .with gelato!

Seems a fitting Valentine's Day post, don't you think?

Prior to this week, I've gone a long time without gelato. Sure, I taste here and there, random flavours as root beer float or black sesame or butterscotch -- but that's purely professional. Have to know if the quality is still up there, after all.

This week has been strange, body-temp-wise. For some reason, I feel hot all week. My brain tells me it's winter, but my body feels like spring is about to spring. On Monday, I woke up around 4am because I just felt too hot.

Turns out that somebody has turned up the thermostat to 28 degrees! No wonder I've been having "hot flashes" or "flushes." (Don't know what the correct terminology is.)

So I've been cooling down with gelato. More specifically, with lemon sorbetto, paired with a berry flavour, usually raspberry, as that is my favourite among all the berries.

It might also be a function of age, but I find I do not need to keep "choosing" my flavours. No need to have tasters or samples: I know what I'm having.

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