Saturday, March 20, 2010

Souvlaki (Pork and Chicken)

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For the past couple of weeks, TS and I have been trying to improve our "body composition" and "fitness level" -- whatever that means. Part of the "healthier" lifestyle has been being forced to embrace and incorporate more lean meats into our diets.

Now, know that when someone mentions "lean protein" and "healthy diet," I just want to thrash my head and gnash my teeth in defiance.

Just reading about fitness and nutrition plans makes me want to go out and buy pork belly to roast and eat by the poundful.

Or stuff my face with Doritos.

Le sigh.

In any case, since we're just a couple of weeks into the program, I gritted my teeth and resigned myself. I brought home some pork tenderloin and chicken breasts as our lean protein requirement. These are cuts that I usually do not cook.

When I got home, I had to think up of a way of cooking it that would give it bang-up flavour without a whole boatload of fat.

Enter Greek food and enter the souvlaki.

I suppose you could say that we are killing two birds with one stone here. The other bird?

Well, we've noticed that our recent posts seem to be very Latin- (Mexican or other), Chinese- or Filipino-intensive. We do have a run of Spanish recipes but they also share some kinship with Latin and Filipino food.

We need variety!

Finally, here is a dish that is not Spanish, Latin, Chinese or Filipino.

Meat on a stick always seem to fulfill a primal need and satiate the most carnivorous of appetites.

left: pork tenderloin cubes; right: chicken breast cubes

I cut up the pork tenderloin and chicken breasts into sizable chunks, then TS proceeded to marinate them in a mixture of olive oil, lemon juice, sherry vinegar, dried oregano, a touch of dried mint, salt and pepper.

foreground: pork souvlaki; background: chicken souvlaki

The next day, JS skewered the cubes with some pieces of red onion. A stint on the grill and they were done!

With food like this, a "healthy lifestyle" doesn't seem so bad. ;)

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3 to 4 lbs meat (chicken, pork, beef, lamb)

lemon juice
red wine vinegar
olive oil
dried oregano
dried mint (optional)
salt and pepper

Yes, the marinade doesn't have measurements, but this is a very, very forgiving recipe.

Cut meat into cubes. Set aside.

In a bowl, combine all the marinade ingredients, then taste. Adjust quantities of each ingredient to your liking. Once satisfied, add the meat to the marinade.

Marinate for at least 4 hours or overnight.

Skewer cubes of meat. Grill until done. Serve with tzatziki if desired.

For a recipe with exact quantities, visit Souvlaki


  1. Souvlaki is just so good. Especially with all those grilled veggies. Just can't go wrong there!

  2. We are trying to do the same thing & are on day 9 of a 21 days fitness challenge to kick start it. So, hard to change the eating though

  3. Thanks for the recipe!

    I am also trying to "improve my body composition and fitness level", so with bbq season around the corner, I think I'll be able to fit this recipe in!

  4. Joanne:
    Yeah... thank goodness we thought of making them as part of our 'healthy lifestyle'! =)

    I know!!! We've kind of been doing "free-style weekends" in terms of our healthy eating, though, teehee. But yeah, it's hard for gluttons such as myself.

    Don't you like how JS phrased it? LOL.

  5. I have never made Souvlaki, should try them this summer on our BBQ ; ) Yours look great!

  6. Janet:
    Thanks! They are very easy to make.


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