Sunday, June 27, 2010

Grilled Fish Fillet on Oregano

With our recent culinary explorations into regional Chinese cuisine, it seems that other cuisines have fallen by the wayside.

It has been quite some time since we've cooked Greek, for instance, and for shame, for shame, too, because we really love the flavours of Greece.

For our entry into the Greek edition of Regional Recipes, we wanted to keep it quick and easy -- and very simple too. We wanted to have something that's quintessentially Greek.

In our pathetic garden, our oregano and marjoram plants are lush!

And remember our sage plant? Well, it has started flowering!

So, since we had so much oregano in the garden, we decided to grill some fish on a bed of oregano.

We used a grill pan because we were short on time, so waiting for the grill to heat up was not going to work. And, sorry again for using fish fillets! Of course, whole fish is the way to go, but we already had these fish fillets in the fridge and had to use them.

I simply placed several "sprigs" of oregano on the grill plan. When they were smoking, a placed my fish fillets on top.

I seasoned the fish with salt and the faintest touch of cayenne, as well as some roughly ground toasted fennel seeds.

As a final touch, I drizzled some extra virgin olive oil on top before serving.

I decided to use more fresh oregano, as well as sage because the purple flowers were so pretty, as decoration. =)

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Blazing Hot WokWe're submitting this to Regional Recipes, a blogging event created by Darlene of Blazing Hot Wok that celebrates food from all over the world.

The torch has since been passed to Joanne of Eats Well with Others.

The region for this edition is Greece.

The round-up will be hosted at Regional Recipes and will be posted after July 1. Regional Recipes information


  1. Greek cuisine definitely puts simplicity first! I love this dish! Thanks so much for submitting it.

  2. funnily I had a plate of fresh oregano and onion with olives last night and reflected on how delicious fresh oregano is! and why I don't use it more often in cooking. Nice way you used it with your fish fillets, flavorful and simple.

  3. Joanne:

    Yeah, fresh oregano seems to be uncommon in recipes.


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