Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Greek" Calamari

First off, a disclaimer: please note that the "Greek" is in quotations.

We saw this can of Greek olive oil and decided to try it out.

We also have this "Greek" oregano growing in the garden. Very lush, too.

And so, voilà -- hey, that's French! -- "Greek" calamari!

(I thought I'd better include that disclaimer. I don't want to pull a Giada and get yelled at. Haha.)

I took some liberties and added some anchovies to a light vinaigrette (sherry vinegar and the Greek olive oil, with the oregano) then marinated our squid. We really should've grilled them but it takes too long for the barbeque to heat up! Getting home from a long day, I wanted some grub fast! So into a sauté pan they went.

It took all of 30 seconds, it seemed like. And here you go.

eatingclub vancouver Greek
"Greek" Calamari
Simple Greek Meal
Caper Salad
Greek Meatball Soup (Giouvarlakia)
Marinated Feta
Greek Shrimp with Feta
Greek Ribs with Tzatziki
Mushroom Ragu Pastitsio
Spanakorizo (Greek Spinach Rice)
Zucchini Ribbons Salad with Anchovy Dressing
Souvlaki (Pork and Chicken)
Tomato Bread Salad, Greek-style
Grilled Fish Fillet on Oregano
Pastéli (Greek Sesame Snaps)


  1. LOL, the ingredients are Greek, save for the anchovies...chaulk this one up as "Greek inspired" and a Greek would eat this...lots of sauce for mopping up, which we like!

    Well done Giada, er...I mean TS!

  2. I should ask, was there a traditional Greek dish to inspire you here? Perhaps you tried something like this in Greece or at a Greek taverna or at a Greek friend's home or is this how you envision Greek calamari?

  3. Thanks, hehe.

    I don't think I've eaten "truly" authentic Greek food. I mean, the Greek restaurants here usually just have the standard souvlaki and such. I guess "I made it up"! =D I mean, I know squid is eaten in Greece, obviously. And I know that seafood is often done very simply. I was even wary of marinating it in a vinaigrette (as opposed to straight olive oil). As for the anchovies, I couldn't resist. =D


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