Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chicken-Roasted Potatoes

One day, pressed for time, JS did a quickie roast of some chicken legs and thighs, coating them with olive oil and seasoning them with salt and a blend of dried "Italian herbs": rosemary, thyme, basil, and oregano.

As usual, her roast chicken parts were quite the hit.

After plating the roast chicken parts, I looked at the chicken fat that was sitting in the pan. Looked at it quite longingly, in fact, thinking of putting all that chicken-y goodness to some delicious use.

I couldn't bear to throw the fat away, so I left the pan as is, for use the next day.

The next day, I bought some potatoes and asked TS to cook the potatoes in the chicken fat.

I simply cut up some potatoes, put them in the chicken-fatty pan, making sure they were all coated with the chicken-fatty goodness, and roasted them. The potatoes were also graced with some salt and a generous amount of lemon juice (because we do love our lemon potatoes).

Clean up was so easy, as the potatoes did a lot of the work for me.

These potatoes were very, very good. Nobody should put good chicken fat to waste. I may have liked them better than the chicken, I dare say.

So, the secret ingredient for great roasted potatoes? Chicken! =)

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  1. Why is it that potatoes are always the hit in the dish? No matter what you cook... no potatoe is left behind ;D

    I love the recipe and the herbs you used for seasoning, but those potatoes are sinful!!!

  2. Chicken fat is the best for tasty potatoes. We always put some in the pan when we are roasting a whole chicken

  3. Oooh yes please! Those potatoes look deliciously crunchy and I bet they tasted awesome too. Will remember your secret ingredient!

  4. Oh, fluffy, tender, full of flavour potatoes.

  5. Uh, that is awesome. Must. try. today.

  6. Get away from me! Don't tempt me during Lent. Those potatoes are terrifically sinful.

    I wouldn't waste the pan juices either though I'll probably have rolled some noodles in it or made fried rice.

  7. Núria:
    Hehehe... I really think they were better than the chicken. LOL. ;)

    Sometimes we are too lazy to peel and chop potatoes (yes, we are too lazy to do almost everything, haha). But they were really alluring this time around.

    Hehe... next time maybe we'll have "Pork-roasted Potatoes", or "Beef-roasted Potatoes".;)

    Go do it!

    Kits Chow:
    Oh, with all the Olympics and Chinese New Year stuff, I didn't even realize that Lent has started!

  8. I just did this recently as well - and it is AMAZING to eat potatoes cooked this way!

  9. Jenn:
    I definitely liked it more than the chicken itself! LOL.


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